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    My Battle With Cancer Isn't Over

    That is the best news I've heard in a long time!!! :)
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    I miss everyone!

    JimD wrote: Thanks, Jim. Been having a strange and stressful time lately and popped over here to see what's going on. Strange, today I was holding tony and crying cause I Just can't seem to find the answers to help everyone around me...... too much to explain but kids especially break my...
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    Alright finally a pic of Freckles

    ChocolateBunny wrote: That's exactly what I was going to say!
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    I miss everyone!

    Awww Jim, I am so sorry :( I know it's been hard for me since I lost Cloverbunny to even talk about it even now! I tear up when I think of her. However, when I see a little cottontail hopping around outside I get a smile knowing they have that freedom and maybe she can do the same now. and here...
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    My Battle With Cancer Isn't Over

    Really? It takes that long? well I am hoping and praying for you!
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    My Battle With Cancer Isn't Over

    Any updates?
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    I miss everyone!

    MyBabyBunnies wrote: I miss seeing you! I was doing something the other day and suddenly SPICE came to mind. I smiled when I thought of him..... but then my heart sank when I realized how long it's been since you lost him. :(
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    I miss everyone!

    I have a hard time sorting through everything on here and feeling like I have made contact with everyone! I miss being here but sometimes I feel overwhelmed when I do come over. I'm afraid I'll miss something important if I don't go through every forum :( and then someone will be hurt that I...
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    Looking for a polish

    Hi all :) A very sweet young man I know lost his little polish 4-H bunny today. She was 5 years old and loved DEARLY. SO, I am looking to get him a showable per ARBA standards little polish to use this year. Papers would be awesome. Please let me know if you have anything or if you know of a...
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    Take comfort in knowing that Gumby found YOU! and that his life is better now that he's away from the moron!
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    I am going to move this to a better forum. What type of bunny is it? and why must you get her a home after all of this time?
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    Dr. Melody Frankenbunny

    Such sad news. I am so very very sorry. I keep thinking about who will chase and set fear into the repairmen when they come to your house.
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    (help with wild baby bunny) Please don't judge me...

    Clover NEVER nipped but would "hike up" like a cat and threaten us and act like she would spray us! Never did tho! such silly little creatures! I'm so glad he can be returned to the wild. As sweet as Clover was, she never really tamed and I would see her looking out a window almost as if she...
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    Happy Birthday Wabbitmom12

    Happy birthday, late!!