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    Is Alfalfa Forage Safe?

    Alfalfa is fine up until the age of 6 months and then they should be eating a timothy hay or similar blend. I would get a much smaller amount of alfalfa and not an entire bale. Perhaps ask the people at the feed store if they have separated flakes or loose bits that came off a big bale that you...
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    Expertise is needed

    Your buck is a dutch. The rabbit you were told is a Belgian is no where near it. They are a rare breed and can be hard to find and expensive.
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    SUPPOSED to purchase holland lops..

    She's telling you that they are registered? Not possible if they are babies & haven't been to multiple shows.
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    Rabbits Losing Weight?

    What breeds are they? Knowing what breeds they are will help you to know what their average weight should be. If you want to keep track of their weights, start weighing them on a monthly basis. The babies should be on alfalfa until they're about six months old. You don't have to keep them on...
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    Do You Have Any Real Phobias?

    I have a fear of heights. Though this isn't really one of those, out-there, crazy phobias. Getting near the edge of anything with a sheer drop/fall (even the second story floor of a house, overlooking the steps, etc.), going up on Ferris Wheels, and some ladders will cause me to hyperventilate...
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    Rain barrel hutch

    Those things would heat up so fast, regardless of how much airflow you had in them. Also, due to them being round, they really aren't 24" wide... That's at the diameter, which is halfway up from any "floor". What do you have your rabbits in currently?
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    Breeders - Contract Legal Q's

    Likely, the best way to insure they are spayed/neutered, would be to give them part of their $$ money after proof of speuter. And you can have a clause for a first right of refusal, HOWEVER, those never hold up legally, so pointless, really. The rest of what you'd like to include, seems very...
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    Question about selling.

    Be aware that though they might just get one from you, they will probably go else where and get the opposite sex, if breeding them is their ultimate idea. Could you ask them if that is their plan and point them in the direction of another breeder of your breed so they could get an un-related...
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    What Type?

    Dutch are great for first time bunny owners! They are small, and the Dutch I've known have always been super laid back with being handled. Mini Rex tend to be the same way, and I better give them thumbs up after owning & breeding them for many years! Lol. Hollands are another good breed - if...
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    My rabbit WILL not bite me.

    My rabbit definitely would have taken that opportunity to chomp my finger. Agree with the others that you should be careful! I've always had the mindset that the rabbits don't bite for no reason. There IS, however, a fine line between doing it out of annoyance and doing it to be aggressive -...
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    Anyone else collect rabbit fur?

    I saved fur from most of my rabbits when they would shed, and saved it to use as extra for nesting does if they didn't pull enough fur. (:
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    Horse People Rant

    Horses should produce some saliva when they are being ridden with a bit. ;) Bits are designed with things like copper rollers, or copper on the bars to help produce more salivation. There are definitely harsh bits & harsh people out there, and a lot of people don't have the common sense to see...
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    What was your best rabbit related purchase(s) of 2012?

    I haven't purchased anything this year for my rabbits besides hay and feed. I guess I could say my best purchase was some really nice hay? haha. First feed store bought bale I'd bought in a long time. Emily
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    It is called a WHAT???

    Not ALL female rabbits have dewlaps. ;) Showing at 4-H fairs, I heard the "What's that thing under their chin?" question on a daily basis. ;) A lot of people don't know what it is. It's not childish of them to not know. Should they know what it is if they have a rabbit of their own? Maybe...
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    Can proper rabbit keeping be done on a budget?

    I spend $10 on a bale of hay, and one bale lasts 2 or so months with 2 rabbits. Pellets are around $20 per 50# bag and that as well lasts around 2 months. I do not take my rabbits to the vet, therefore I do not have any vet bills. I home treat all illnesses, etc. GI Stasis is a very good...