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    Litter Box Habbits

    Start small. Offering too much space too soon often ends up in potty accidents. Confine her to a small space (an ex-pen, perhaps) with a roomy litter box. She should remain in the space until she is consistent with her potty habits. Once she is consistent, then the space can be expanded in small...
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    Outdoor rabbit breed

    Good idea. @fuzzyBunny created a new thread here which is now merged with the original.
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    Yes! absolutely true. If you wanted to create a thread for a proper diet for breeding/nursing rabbits, we could sticky that in the Rabbitry & Showroom Forum. It seems like we've gotten more breeders on the forum this past year, so it would be great to have that info available.
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    I need suggestions on how to bond my two male Rabbits

    It might be helpful to do some "pre-bonding" for awhile first. You can read about that here on my website: https://rabbitsindoors.weebly.com/bonding-bunnies.html After keeping them side-by-side (not interacting) in pens for several weeks, then you can try either of the two bonding methods...
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    Outdoor rabbit breed

    Single rabbits really should not be housed outdoors. They will not do well mentally nor physically. They need the companionship of another rabbit-- most especially when housed outdoors (many hours totally isolated), and even moreso when housed out in very cold climates (need another rabbit to...
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    Recommended Housing Sizes

    While we all know bigger is better when it comes to rabbit housing, what would be considered too small? Well those minimum recommendations can vary greatly depending on who is answering. Below is a sampling of various recommendations from rabbit societies and vets. One thing they all agree upon...
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    What Should I Feed my Bunny? by Dana Krempels, Ph.D. http://www.bio.miami.edu/hare/diet.html The House Rabbit Society stresses that rabbits should live indoors, and have at least four hours of quality running/playing time per day. This, in conjunction with a proper diet, will help keep your...
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    Dating when you have rabbits

    Don't know if your male friends are too young to know Clint Eastwood, but he's always been seen as a manly man. Perhaps they are unaware that even Clint Eastwood likes rabbits (and has one for a pet)...
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    Because Real Men Love Rabbits...

    Couple of our sons with Mocha. (One was visiting from out of state.)
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    safe, waterproof flooring

    No. If you get the right kind (like Aquaguard) it is totally water resistant. The 'boards' interlock and are airtight. That's why it can be used in bathrooms. https://videos.flooranddecor.com/v/aquaguard-the-next-generation-of-laminate-flooring/224322299
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    Bunny concern .... 😕🐇😕 Help!

    Trying to bond the two as shown in the videos would be for after they have been both neutered.
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    What to put down on bottom of playpen if my bunny isn’t yet litter trained?

    I don't think cage pan liners will work since you have an exercise pen. The pads can be chewed and you'd need to put multiple ones down (which means they can move around and then not do their job). You can put down a heavy duty tarp or you can get a sheet of rolled lino (with texture). The...
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    Bunny concern .... 😕🐇😕 Help!

    They are so cute!! Yeah, it's pretty common for baby rabbits to get along. But once hormones kick in, then all that goes out the window. They would need to be fixed if you ever wanted to try to bond them back together (no guarantees). So where are they each kept? Any pics? To answer your...
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    Bunny concern .... 😕🐇😕 Help!

    Have you had them long? Are they housed indoors or out? Do you have a photo of their housing set-up? They appear to get along. It's not common for 2 males to get along if they are not fixed. What kind of hay do they get and how much? To bond with them, just sit inside an enclosed area with...
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    Trimmed Nails Now Bleeding

    One way to avoid this in the future is to do the "press, press, clip" as explained in the following video. The rabbit will know -- before you clip -- whether the spot is too close to the quick and will let you know. It's a great way to avoid cutting the quick.