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    Fan loving bunny

    When she's confined in her pen, I would suggest that the fan is pointed in such a way that she can get away from the breeze if she chooses.
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    Just a quick question: spaying aftercare

    The following article is thorough and informative:
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    My rabbit , is pregnant and it's day 34 and she hasn't had babies yet

    This is an old thread. Please begin a new thread to post current questions. Any questions regarding breeding should be posted in The Rabbitry and Show Room forum found here:
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    more bonding confusion.

    Generally, the rule of thumb is to not move newly bonded rabbits to a new territory until they have fully bonded (couple weeks in one area 24/7 with no issues). So my first thought was to suggest leaving them home. However, that would also mean that they would either have to be kept separate for...
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    2 bunnies litter training

    If they are just 2 months old, they are likely too young to fix. The link provided by @Diane R should provide vet references so you can ask a vet how soon they will spay. With young buns, some will litter train early and some won't, but even if they do litter train, they can "forget" those...
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    2 bunnies litter training

    How old are your rabbits and are they fixed?
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    Bonding troubles

    Just 3 days doing well together is too soon to be trying to move them. As @JBun explained, it is when they are moved that issues can arise. It is best to be sure they have a super solid bond before moving them to a new area. I would suggest a bare minimum of a full week (starting now). Two weeks...
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    Why are my bonded rabbits are fighting?

    They need to be separated even if they appear to be doing well again. By allowing them together, you risk another fight. If that happens, it can prevent them from bonding for real in the future (after she's spayed). There is no benefit to allowing them together at this stage-- only risk. As...
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    Why are my bonded rabbits are fighting?

    If they are fighting now, absolutely separate them. The more they fight now the less likely that they will bond in the future. You do not want them to fight -- ever. A single serious fight has the potential to prevent them from bonding in the future. As for the boy having been neutered 4 weeks...
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    Offically 6 months

    I liked to feed the large greens as is (not cut). I think they enjoy munching away on those big pieces. :)
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    Offically 6 months

    Increase the quantity of his greens slowly so you don't overwhelm his digestive system. If you desire to introduce more variety of greens, each new green should be offered only one at a time. So say you want to introduce him to basil. Offer a small amount of basil one day. Next day offer it...
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    Getting another rabbit

    Breed makes no difference when it comes to bonding. The important thing is to have your boy neutered first. Once he's fixed, he'll need up to 6-8 weeks after the surgery for hormones to fully dissipate. Those pesky hormones need to be gone to facilitate a bond. Once that's done, then you may...
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    New first time bun Mom

    As others have noted, the cage size isn't much of an issue with a free roam bun. It is just serving as a "home base." That said, however, I would suggest deciding whether you want to litter train her to a specific box OR have the whole cage base be a litter box. Right now the cage setup will...
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    Safe fresh veggies and bath mat?

    Towels can be a danger too if bun decides to chew it. Each rabbit is different so anything that gets chewed and ingested should be removed/replaced. I've had a pair of rabbits love to lounge on a memory foam bath mat for many months and then one day decided they would start chewing on it...
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    Help with late bonding giant rabbits?

    This behavior doesn't necessarily mean they are trying to cuddle with each other. It depends on their personalities/relationship. It could just as well be them "guarding" their respective territory lines. In other words, they lay down on that border as if to say "this is my space and don't think...