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  1. Blaze_Amita

    Poorly marked Dutches

    They all look like some very badly marked dutch- at least Puff and Daisy. Oreo looks pretty decent from what I can tell in the picture. I've had some really awful looking babies in my litters before. I've had some larger ones and some smaller ones. Any tattoo's in them? I know there's...
  2. Blaze_Amita

    Tattoo Clamp

    My handwriting also isn't the greatest but I do have a pen as backup. I've gotten a few clamps that don't stick too well. But I've got Dutch and I've got to get a new set for their ears as well
  3. Blaze_Amita

    Teeth issue

    So far everything I have been told was clip them back(which I have, down to the gums) and give her wood chew blocks, hard alfalfa cubes. She's in good spirits thought, I had her out in an x-pen today to run and play and she's eating well still. I've got my only spring show in 3 weeks, I'll...
  4. Blaze_Amita

    Teeth issue

    Okay I have this one little doe, Raven. I've raised her from a baby, and her mother Natalie, and mother's mother Keisha- all steels, Keisha's out of my first blue doe that carried steel. Anyway. So she's been my own bloodlines. Her father, Michelangelo is a homebred as well, but her parents...
  5. Blaze_Amita

    Does my doe need help?

    I've had some not pull a lot of fur that day that they have them, but after that evening's feed sit and pull a crap load of hair, just keep them warm. If she doesn't pull fur, pluck it from her tummy.
  6. Blaze_Amita

    Unexpected Christmas Litter! Help!

    In all my years of raising Dutch (went specifically Dutch 5 years ago) I've had a few faders, not as many as I had been thinking I would have had, but at the time I went straight Dutch I had Hollands and Mini Rex which did throw peanuts. But Faders and runts do happen with them!
  7. Blaze_Amita

    New Breed - need advice!

    I personally- I haven't raised MR in quite a few years now, but I like the bottom broken baby, the top one I'm not so sure on, I don't much care of the hindquarters on it. The adult is a blue otter- I don't see any Tan marking to make it an opal. Opals were my favorites when I had them. I...
  8. Blaze_Amita

    Velveteen Lops

    aww I miss having my Vlops around. Danielle Bowling got the last 2 of mine. If you had gotten into them 2 years ago I would have had some on the eastern Side of Kentucky. I might import some back in soon.
  9. Blaze_Amita

    What are your current goals as somebody who breeds and/or shows rabbits?

    As for my rabbitry, I've gone to raising strictly Dutch, I started out with Holland Lops, when I was first introduced. While Blaze wasn't show quality by any standards he was the one to introduce me to the world of showing. Then I picked up some mini rexes as a rescue project(bear in mind this...
  10. Blaze_Amita

    confusing behaviour

    That's really all you can do is put the box where she's been trying to build her nest. Mine if it's a couple days ahead of kindling will move the boxes around, but once there is babies in it, they seem to leave it alone with the babies in it. Then I usually write down which corner of their...
  11. Blaze_Amita

    critique for commercial type

    IF I was looking at the two you posted for a meat pen I'd go for the top one over the bottom one. Just something about it's body and hindquarters looks better to me. When I had just strictly New Zealands for a meat pen- What I looked for was production rates of the parents, body depth and the...
  12. Blaze_Amita

    Is this wrong?

    Also just another food for thought, I had one doe, sweet as could be, after breeding her for a litter(she was a good show rabbit for markings and type), she most certainly is not sweet as could be anymore. Her children are still sweet hearts but she's very hormonal now and can go one day sweet...
  13. Blaze_Amita

    Expertise is needed

    From what I can see of your girl she looks like a lightly spotted broken red new Zealand.
  14. Blaze_Amita

    I'm Confuzled

    he resembles quite a lot of the lion head mixes we see in KY. in particular the Lion head New zealands(though he's got prettier color) and the lion head standard Chin crosses.
  15. Blaze_Amita

    Transporting Bunnies

    I moved my guys from Upstate NY to eastern KY in a days drive. Though they only got water when we stopped, which was twice that day. Then I left them in the truck overnight when we got into KY because the muffling properties of the truck(Silverado pickup with weather proof cap). I wanted them...