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    Please pray for Lawrence

    Also agree. I look for your input. How is he doing?
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    Should I get real or artificial lawn?

    Good bunny safe flowers are Petunias. My bun can't get enough of them. They will last with new growth constantly all through Spring and Summer.
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    Please pray for Lawrence

    Praying for you and Sir Lawrence. No news is good news.
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    Rabbit's chewing my hutch

    I Love your buns picture. Adorable!
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    I hope he comes back soon
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    ❤️🍀🙏 Prayers Please - spay

    She looks pathetic and adorable lol
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    Goopy eyes

    Just my own two cents...I think it's just allergies. My guy has had it as well off and on for about a month now. So has my dogs and cats.
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    When domesticated bunnies don't realize how sharp their teeth are

    He's not neutered. I'm playing that month to month or day to day lol He just turned 7 months and so far so good, but I know that can change at any given moment.
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    When domesticated bunnies don't realize how sharp their teeth are

    I got bit my self last night as well. He was on my lap, in my recliner, laying between my legs. He loves my blanket, but always has to move it to be his way. Well I guess he didn't realize my leg was where it was and he niped my thigh. I yelled and he jumped about two feet in the air. I felt so...
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    I accidentally stepped on my bunny.

    Oh no! I am so sorry. I have come so close to doing this as well. My guy is always under foot. Please let us know how he's doing.
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    How do you get anything done?

    They truly have amazing personalities.
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    How do you get anything done?

    Yes , he is a lover for sure. My boyfriend gets jealous lol He says I thought he was "our" rabbit? He will sit and "groom" me for an hour. He goes to my boyfriend for snacks, but otherwise he just wants me.
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    How do you get anything done?

    For those that free roam your bunny how do you get anything done? Lol Seriously though, my guy just wants to hang on me. It dont matter if its my lap, leg, chest or arm. 90% of the time he wants on me. If I walk around he is in between every step I take. I had no idea rabbits were like this...
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    Fan loving bunny

    Or maybe put it so it will rotate
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    More Baby Bunnies!

    So so cure!