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    P@H bedding?

    Yes looks like cedar is mixed in.
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    Breed ID

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    Breed ID

    I just had a conversation on Facebook about what breed this rabbit is. I said it was a pure Netherland Dwarf rabbit. The owner was like well my vet said it was an English spot and Netherland Dwarf mix. And that what confirmed it was “the line going down his back”. I said any rabbit that has a...
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    Mother rabbit gave birth to only 1 baby but not the rest

    If the buck was with her right after she gave birth. I can almost 100% guarantee that she is pregnant again. After this next litter weans you should give her like a months break.
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    What breed are my rabbits ?

    Lion heads are a dwarf breed
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    What breed are my rabbits ?

    @Oreo and cookie <3 Those are probably not Dutch and hotot mixes. They are most likely just veianna marked. Their body type only match lion head types not Dutch or hotot body types. Please see my above post.
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    What breed are my rabbits ?

    So the Dutch marking are probably just Veianna markings and they are most likely not mixed with Dutch. I would say all of them are lion heads or lion head mixes that some of them are veianna marked. And not any hotot in them almost all breeds come in the broken pattern ( any color with white)...
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    What breed is this black/white mix bunny?

    Not any English spot. A lot of people who think “oh it’s any color with white it must be a English spot or checkered giant or a mix of that” this is not true most all breeds can have this type of colors. I would definitely say a pure Netherland Dwarf.
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    Double dwarf gene?

    It depends on the buck too. If it was the same buck on all three. So if she had peanuts that means she is a True Dwarf and so was the buck that she was bred with. Dwarfs struggle more with breeding anyway and it is more likely for those breeds to have unsuccessful litters.
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    Matted fur

    Also, I use a flea comb with a rubber band weaves through it. It’s basically a fur buster comb but wayyy cheaper. It doesn’t hurt their skin unless you brush too hard
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    Matted fur

    He is definitely not a pure Holland lop. Looks more like a Lionhead or angora mix . Did you see the parents when you bought him? How old is he?
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    Double dwarf gene?

    So age doesn’t really matter but if she hasn’t been bred before she may have trouble getting pregnant at 2 years but that doesn’t happen very often. Dwarfs don’t usually have very many at a time. So there is what’s called a false dwarf and a true dwarf. These are the genes. So if both parents...
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    Sudden rabbit death

    If he got stuck he could have snapped his neck. Heart attack is possible too
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    Members!!! If you entered my contest CLICK!

    Sorry I didn’t get mine in sooner. The forum was down for me after I checked my email and got the notification