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    Raph had an accident

    It never rains, it pours!! BassetluvI do hope all your little ones are soon feeling better. It's probablyhard dealing with them all being sick, it's a bit like ourfamilies when they get sick, it starts with one and then the next onehas something etc etc chin up and goodluck.:hug:
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    Move or send Mr. Lola to a nice home

    :great:[size=2] That's great news!!!!:dancing:
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    New Years

    Well, it's new years eve here and I know I won't be here later tonightso I thought I'd take this chance to wish you all a great time.:D Here's hoping that we all have a GREAT 2006!!! Enjoy your celebrations, we are having the usual BBQ at our house as we do every year(seems like it's almost...
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    O/T Happy 21st Birthday m.e.

    [size=4] Happy 21ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:balloons::star::hug:
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    I have to vent!

    AmberNBuns wrote: :laugh:
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    Give a shout out!

    [size=4]Happy Birthday!!!!!:balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::balloons::magicwand:
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    Nicky Snow wrote: [size=2]Sounds like you had a great time!! I look forward to hearing what goes on from time to time;) Yes that is a straight out keep us updated and let us know all the goss. LOL
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    Getting Rabbit to Eat

    [size=2] what a great idea!! I certainly will keep this in mind. They'd even be a great idea as a treat. Thanks for posting the recipe Freddysmom:highfive:
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    O/T People appreciation

    Just a quick thing that I thought I'dshare, I have often wondered how people who post here every day findthe time! We are very lucky to have people here who are veryknowledgable and caring enough to take time out of their own busy livesand post and share with us. They are not just names here...
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    Raph had an accident

    FreddysMom wrote: [size=2] This song entered my head straight away too!! Good that he can still eat, hopefully he gets the all clear from the vet. They sure keep us on our toes huh, I don't remember our daughter scaring us as much as what the bunnies do LOL. Goodluck and let us know how you...
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    Bunny eating his toes!!

    [size=2] I have heard of birds pulling out feathers due to stress.
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    O/T Engagement

    [size=2] If you are still studying maybe youguys could live together first for a while, you never truly KNOWsomeone until you live with them;)
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    Bunny eyesite

    peapoo_bunny wrote: [size=2] If you don't ask you will never know!;)
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    Bunny eating his toes!!

    [size=2] It just amazed me, I did however just then read the link that Lissa posted. I guess I'd never given a thought that animals would do this.
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    [size=2] Oh I am so sorry to hear this, you area great person for caring and loving Maizie, I am sure you will have anextra angel watching over you. :rose: