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    Let's go BLUES!!!!

    My mommy still says GO KINGS GO!!! and BOOO to the stupid ducks. I'm not sure why she no like ducks. They are cute birds.
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    Let's go BLUES!!!!

    Well my mommy cried and cried that de LA KINGS!!!! didn't get into the playoffs dis year. But we have decided to root for the Canadians :clapping:
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    Tomorrow is the big day!

    Just make sure he's eating and drinking and pooping like normal.
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    Funny Meme of the day

    That's just wrong lol
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    Hoomin holds me and snuggles me today!

    Oh I hate getting my nails cut. De big mommy chases me with dis towel and raps me all up and holds me down and den cuts dem. After it's all done I get a treat but still give dem stink butt for like an hour after.
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    Funny Meme of the day

    Not a meme, but an awesome shirt
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    Acting Weird after relocation

    About 5 weeks ago a pipe burst in our kitchen and we had to relocate Twigs due to construction. Well the construction is almost done and we have moved him back from my daughters room to our living/dinning room. Now Twigs is free roam 24/7 which isn't my problem. And nothing in the dinning...
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    We found GIANT trash bags that actually fits a full bale of hay. So we use that and keep in the garage. Don't ask where I found them because for the life of me a can't remember lol.
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    Remodel impact of bun?

    We are going to be remolding our kitchen (thanks to a burst pipe):bawl:. Twigs currently has free run 24/7 of our living room/dining room. Once the remodel is finished the kitchen will be added to his space. During the remodel he will be moved to my daughters room. He already spent the...
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    I have a brother

    Congrads on habing a baby brother. I hope yur mommy can play soon and yur brother can play too.
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    Does your bunny lick you?

    Twigs licks my daughter (his mommy) all the time. He loves to lick her feet its so gross. But he'll also lick her arms or face or anywhere. But she's the only one he'll lick.
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    Bunny proofing Christmas trees - how do *you* do it?

    Here's our tree. As you can see we put up a little fence around it. Twigs is wonderful because he will not hop over this fence which he could since it's only like a foot tall lol. Sorry its sideways
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    Holland Lop or Lionhead?

    Well if you want a COMPLETELY bias answer I thing Lops are cuter ;-)
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    Oh Chwistmas Twee!

    OH those are nice pads. We like to watch hockey too. My hoomans are always yelling go kings go. We don't have our tree yet. De little boy in di house is have a birfday party tomorrow and den we get out tree. His birfday is really on de 21st but de big mommy said dat to close to chrifmas for a...
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    Free Range

    Twigs is free range and he doesn't leave poops everywhere. Every once in a while you find a stray one here or there, but nothing you couldn't just pick up.