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    Should I have 3 small litter boxes or 1 big one?

    @Blue eyes @Remy The Rabbit i really appreciate all the advice, I do have one more question though. Is there any place I can find a hay feeder that is as big as this one that was in the video? Everytime I try to find some online I can only find the small ones that seem to only fit a handful or...
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    Should I have 3 small litter boxes or 1 big one?

    @Remy The Rabbit @Blue eyes Thank you both, I'll probably get one big one. Although I'm still having the issue of just getting the two to only use that litter box for the bathroom. The two will use it on my bed , or really anywhere, I think my bed just seems to be the most noticeable spot for it...
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    Should I have 3 small litter boxes or 1 big one?

    I'm currently still liter training two of my 3 rabbits, and I feel like maybe if they all had their own litter box it would go easier? Should I use a big long one, like one of those clear shallow bins, or have them all 3 have their own? The one was litter trained almost instantly, these other...
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    Help liter training?

    Blake, the oldest, is fully trained and fine. Alyx, has been here for nearly 5 months and still hasn't fully adapted to using the litter box. And the last one is only been here a month but I'm realizing its more of Alyx than him thats the issue.
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    Help liter training?

    I recently adopted a 3rd bunny, and while the bonding is finally finished with all 3 of them, now I cant figure out how to liter train them. My first bunny I adopted from a humane society at 10 weeks old, maybe she was already trained cause she wasnt hard at all. The other two on the other hand...
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    Can i take the cone off my bunny?

    Currently laying with my (who I thought was a boy but turned out to be a girl for the last 5 months) bunny blake. She got fixed about 2 weeks ago but they put a cone on her. Basically theres a cone because she opened her stitches and they had to put staples. I have to go back in a few days to...
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    Can you introduce 2 bonded rabbits to another rabbit?

    I have been looking for another rabbit to start bonding with my current one, and this pair of baby bunnies online are being sold and I dont want to adopt one and leave the other one alone. So if I got both, could rabbits be bonded as close in trios just as well as duos? They're free roam so I...
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    My rabbit WILL NOT let me sleep

    Okay so my rabbits name is Blake. Named him after a musician I love. Anyways he will not let me sleep. He's a free roamed rabbit and I love him to death, but I cannot find anything else about this online, all of the threads I see have to do with rabbits being IN a cage. So for some...