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  1. Anna R.

    SOS escape artist pls help

    Instead of looking at rabbit savy pens look at dog pens. I got an exercise pen for my escape artist that is 48" tall. She would jump over anything lower. I also looked everywhere and couldn't find anything until I started searching for dog ex pens. They also tend to be a bit less expensive...
  2. Anna R.

    Can any one tell me jeffs breed? Plz

    Looks like a definite mix of a Lop. The white belly and white around the nose are signs of a Holland Lop (in the US). His ears give away the Lop mix. The other breeds he is mixed with could be any number of breeds. He sure is a handsome guy no matter the breed. I think he is whatever breed...
  3. Anna R.

    My rabbit never licks me

    My rabbits don't lick me either. Only once in a great while, and only if I ask to be groomed by them. Even then it is pretty rare. I don't think it is because they don't like you. Maybe he just doesn't lick. I've noticed they will be more likely to lick when they are very young. Once they...
  4. Anna R.

    Bunny sounds

    My girl Sophie is an 8 year old un-spayed mini-rex and "talks" all the time. She is the most vocal rabbit I have ever had. Our last visit to the vet she even made a comment about it. She (the vet) didn't know rabbits could be so vocal. When she doesn't like something she will give a kind of...
  5. Anna R.

    Poop stuck on bottom of rabbit feet

    I know it was a hard month for me. It broke my heart not giving them treats or pellets, especially my baby girl who had nothing wrong with her. I think it hurt me more than it hurt them; but, in the end it was worth it. Good Luck. I hope you have the same out come I did. Let me know how it...
  6. Anna R.

    Poop stuck on bottom of rabbit feet

    Hey Sunshine... My little girl was always extremely clean too. She was also overweight, or so I thought. She was with her mate 24/7 so when my other girl was just fine and had no "poopy butt" I started to investigate what was going on. I found the poopy butt can be diet related, and some...
  7. Anna R.

    Poop stuck on bottom of rabbit feet

    My girl had the same issue with poops on her butt. They would form a large like patty just below her tail. I did the same thing you did to get it off, it comes off pretty easily. Then I started reading more about "poopy butt" and found it could actually be related to her diet. It's not that...
  8. Anna R.

    Oldest bunny?

    My first rabbit lived to be 12 years old. I currently have a mini rex (Sophie) and she is 8 and still going strong. Full of spunk and keeps up with her bonded mate that is 1-1/2.
  9. Anna R.

    Enlarged Bladder?

    I am hoping someone can help me. I am not sure if anyone else has issues with bladders? I was in the vet about a month ago and the vet said she found a lump in my rabbit's stomach and was probably her bladder. She said not to be concerned as she didn't know if it was just normal for my rabbit...
  10. Anna R.


    you have to keep them separate. The female will not get lonely, she will have her babies to keep her company. The males need to be separate from her and each other and fixed ASAP. It takes a few weeks for them to lose their ability to impregnate the female. If you let them play together you...
  11. Anna R.

    Rabbit chewing fur

    That is so funny about the sucking noises. My little mini rex sucks her water up instead of lapping it up. She too sounds like a vacuum making the funny sucking noises. They are so funny. :p I think the dried fruits are sugary, so that is why they love them so much.
  12. Anna R.

    Rabbit chewing fur

    I have to take back my post of "Rabbits don't usually like Pineapple". I did an experiment last night and gave all four of my girls a small piece of pineapple just to see if they would eat it. They gobbled it down so fast and were begging for more. So, apparently bunnies DO like pineapple...
  13. Anna R.

    Rabbit chewing fur

    he is definitely molting, especially if you are bringing him in from outside. This totally natural. Temperature changes will cause them to molt, as they don't need as much fur inside as they do outside. Don't be alarmed. Just watch that he keeps eating and pooping normally. Seeing fur in...
  14. Anna R.

    Rabbit chewing fur

    Papaya helps too. Rabbits don't usually like Pineapple. You can also buy rabbit "hairball" stuff online or at a pet store. But, I found Papaya works great and they LOVE it. It does help, just not to much as it is loaded with sugar.
  15. Anna R.

    Anyone else's bunny do this? *face palm*

    P.S. the "flying back flips"... I think your rabbit might have the same genes my does. She (the one in the photo) does flying drop kicks at the manger to loosen up hay. She's also gotten her head "stuck" between the bars as she has found that perfect piece and now can't seem to get out...
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