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    Post Spay

    Nessa is doing much better today, not as grumpy and she's starting to eat normally. I finally got a look at her stomach when she was flopped out in her cage, and I thought the incision looked weird? The vet told me that there would be internal sutures and that Nessa's skin would be closed with...
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    A lifetime of adventures!

    So Nessa was spayed yesterday, did great according to the doctor, and I brought her home last night. That's when all hell broke loose. :embarrassed: I totally get why she's mad at me so I've been trying to give her some space. That all went great until it was time for meds. Talk about a...
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    Post-Spay help needed ASAP

    Oh also, I'm supposed to keep an eye on the sutures, but I haven't been able to move her enough to even get a look at them! I don't want to push her too much because like I said above, she's already grunting and jumping away to avoid me everytime I try to touch her. Honestly I just have no idea...
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    Post-Spay help needed ASAP

    So Nessa had her spay this morning! She did great, but now she's at home with me and putting up a major fight to everything. I have to give her pain meds (via syringe) and she absolutely refuses to let the syringe anywhere near her face/mouth. I can tell she's in pain, and I really want to give...
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    First vet visit

    I finally did it! I scheduled Nessa for an appointment at a wonderful vet's office I found to get her spayed. :time: The appointment is Friday, and it's just a check up before we get into the nitty gritty of her spay. I have some questions, being that I've never taken her to a vets office...
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    A lifetime of adventures!

    After extensive research, word of mouth, and some slight pleading; I found someone who will do Nessa's spay for only $100!! I'm setting up her appointment tomorrow for the initial visit! :yahoo: I'm super happy about this, I hope it all works out :D
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    I'm twelve today!!!!

    Same for me, Stevesmum! :P I must be overly emotional today because that post made me cry, haha. Whoa, 12! That's so wonderful. I can only hope Nessa gets to have such a long, happy life! Happy, happy birthday Trixie!
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    Danish radio host kills rabbit during live show about animal welfare

    I agree with OakRidgeRabbits and Azerane. I think this person majorly crossed a line. There's a difference between humanely dispatching a meat rabbit for food; and buying what appears to be a lionhead bunny from a pet store and killing it bicycle pump on air (regardless of whether or not he ate...
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    I need help fast!

    I'm sorry to hear that the cottontail passed away. Unfortunately this will have to serve as an example of how fragile their little lives are and how they always need professional care ASAP. I'm sure you tried your hardest to help the little guy.
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    Lela passed last night

    Aww :( I'm sorry to hear that! 14 years is a long, happy life. I'm so glad you were able to spend it with her. RIP Lela. :pray:
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    A lifetime of adventures!

    Tnarg: Thanks for that suggestion! I'll have to call the SPCA and check that out. :) Nessa ripped her toenail yesterday and I've been babying her ever since. I think I'm creating an attention hog. She's now expecting me to pick her up and carry her around the house while I do things. I know...
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    Welcome! Hans is a cutie. :) If you have any questions, ask away!
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    Bandit: rabbity antics

    Hehe, what a cutie Bandit is!!
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    Baby Cottontails.

    These are common things I hear while working at my job. (A wildlife rehabilitation shelter): "I was mowing the grass and accidentally went over a cottontail rabbit nest!" "My cat just brought home with a baby bunny!" "I just found a baby bunny and the mother seems to have abandoned it!"...
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    A lifetime of adventures!

    Hiya, Tnarg. Lilith is an adorable name by the way. :P And yes, I did get Nessa from a breeder. I couldn't find any rabbit rescues in NC for the life of me and wanted a lop so badly. I found "Luv Some Bunny Special" rabbitry in Durham, NC. (They specialize in Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops, and...