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    Weight Loss

    Is your rabbit still eating the same amounts of foods after you switched to less pellets? Don't forget, there are some pellets that don't have that much fibre content and are a little high in fat. Perhaps the pellets you were feeding him were that ^^ and a sudden reduction in pellets resulted in...
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    how do you know your rabbit is eating hay?

    It is essential that your rabbit starts to eat hay ASAP as hay is fundamental to their diet as it ensures a healthy digestive system and prevents GI Stasis. After all, 70% of a rabbit makes up their digestive system!
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    how do you know your rabbit is eating hay?

    Rabbits are so fussy with hay! There are a few alternatives you can try. 1) try mixing in two or three types of hay. Rabbits love to 'choose' which hay they prefer according to smell and taste 2) try spraying a little apple juice or pineapple juice on the hay to add a sweetened flavour...
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    When my rabbit Thumps, it usually means that he wants someone to aid to his attention. We have two cages for him, one inside the house that we put outside when he's outside running and playing, and the other is a deluxe hutch placed in the garage. When it's either very cold or very hot, we place...
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    Rabbit wont eat pellets.

    My rabbit was like this! Due to pet store owners persuading rabbit owners that the 'grain pellet mix' is essential to a rabbits diet and is "very healthy", I've been buying this type for my rabbit for two years! (He's a dwarf lop. 2 years old). Until recently he developed spikes and I was told...
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    Weight Loss & Excessive/Soft Cecotropes

    Hi DottiesMomma!, I had a similar issue with my rabbit. He's also a holland dwarf lop (2years old). Apparently I can't say "holland" because I live in Australia. Weird. Anyway. There was a period where he wasn't eating much at all and lost heaps of weight. He was 3.5kg and dropped to 2.2kg. He...
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    Help! Weird bunny eye discharge?

    Eye discharge and nasal charge MAY (but not always) mean that they are in the process of developing a respitory infection or even the start of a dental problem or may just simply be an eye infection. However, sometimes it could just be that she may be allergic to something in her surroundings...
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    Dwarf Lop ears no longer lopped?

    Thanks for the reply :) should I be expecting any changes to the form of his ears in the future? He has a large, well, medium sized crown when I look at him birds eye view. There is a fair amount of space between his ears. I don't force his ears to be lopped but when I put them down gently, it's...
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    Dwarf Lop ears no longer lopped?

    Hey everyone :) I have a holland dwarf lop named Wilson ! He's 2 and 1/2 years of age. I was under the impression that lops have lopped ears yet mine has 'helicopter' ears?? I've attached a photo to show you all what I mean. How come his ears aren't lopped? They used to be when he was younger...
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    "Double chin" underneath male rabbit chin? Dewlap?

    I've attached a photo. Can anyone see what I'm talking about? It's that light coloured piece of fur/skin underneath his jaw. And here is another ..
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    "Double chin" underneath male rabbit chin? Dewlap?

    Hey everyone :) So I'm starting to notice a little "double chin" underneath my rabbits chin. He's a male. It looks like a tiny dewlap to be honest and I know those occur only in females (from what I've read). What is this meant to be? He's not overweight if any of you are wondering.
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    Factors contributing to rabbit weight loss?

    Sorry, I'm not sure why my previous post posted twice .....
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    Factors contributing to rabbit weight loss?

    But as I said, I'm weighing him again next week and from there we'll see what happens.