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    Dried eye boogers

    I think as long as it doesn't happen like... twice daily, you should be ok. I mean, humans get eye boogers all the time. :-) until it starts happening frequently, I wouldn't worry about it.
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    Broken leg. need help

    As long as it's not illegal where you live... In a lot of places, it is illegal to keep a wild animal (tamed by you or otherwise) in your home. I know in West Virginia, you can face a fine and jail time for any animal (turtle, deer, rabbit, racoon, opossum). :-/ The wildlife rehab facilities...
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    Respiratory issue

    I gave them a call, and yeah, they said because it's diluted, that's why it seems like so much. She is doing SO much better already. She still has a little bit of heavy breathing, but doesn't sound as bad as she did early yesterday. I'm so glad we were able to get her in so quickly. :-)
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    Respiratory issue

    Thanks, Ravenous... I'm so bad at conversions... I'll call in the morning to double check, of course. I'd hate to overdo the medication... on the plus side, they gave it a strawberry flavoring, and she loved it. Lol. She tried to eat my syringe, silly girl.
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    Respiratory issue

    Thanks. I just called the pharmacy, and the technician said the concentration is 40 mg/tsp... I'll definitely give the vet a call... I'm sure it was a conversion issue...
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    Respiratory issue

    So, we just got back. Turns out she does have a bit of clear nasal discharge, and is certainly congested, but the vet thinks it's basically a bunny cold. She did prescribe Septra (sulfamethoxazole) at 6.8 ml twice a day. She said if Pippi's congestion doesn't ease up by the end of the week, to...
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    Respiratory issue

    I called the vet, and although they don't have openings, they told me to bring Pippi in early this afternoon, and they'll work her in. But shhh.... Pippi doesn't know it yet. ;-)
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    Respiratory issue

    She's running around, hopping on the couch, and basically acting like she normally does... just breathing a bit harder than usual. The only symptom she has is the heavy breathing, and a slight bit of discharge from her eyes. No runny nose or anything... You know that sound you have when your...
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    Respiratory issue

    Yeah... WV is honestly like a third world country in some ways, and exotic pet vets are hard to find period, let alone an emergency vet for them. When Buttetscotch had his bladderstone issue in May, i did call the emergency vet, and they said they only work with dogs and cats. I would have to...
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    Respiratory issue

    Hey guys. I was volunteering at a summer camp this past week, and my husband was taking care of the buns. I was sitting on the couch, while Pippi was running free, and I hear her "snoring" sound. Pippi is a Holland Lop, so she has the mooshy pug face, and when she is in deep rest, she has this...
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    My Fellow Rabbits...

    Pippi: Brandy! I'm so JEALOUS! I keep trying to get a bite of ham sandwich and popsicles, but the hoomins laugh at me, and hold it out of my reach! I even climb on the couch and on their faces, but they still don't give in... :-( Butterscotch: Spoiled living room rabbit... Pippi: Me? Spoiled...
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    How to keep hay in and how many litter boxes?

    One thing I've found that helps contain the hay: I have a spare cardboard box with door holes that's large enough to go over the litter box. I put the hay in Pippi's litter box, then put the box on top. Pippi loves it. She has privacy to eat and use her box, and she has something else to climb...
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    Best mat/flooring to protect house floors?

    I use a spare piece of non-fluffy carpeting underneath Pippi's xpen. She can scratch at it all she wants, but it's an indoor-outdoor carpet, and it's a bit too tough for her to dig through. :-) we do have a dig box for her, and she loooooves it. ^_^
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    My Fellow Rabbits...

    Pippi: Raise my right ear?! I'm a lop, dude... I don't raise my ears unless the hoomin sticks them up for me. Ellie: Haha.... you can't lift your ears? How weird... Butterscotch: Yeah. I have helicopter ears, and I can still raise mine up. You're just making excuses, Pippi. Pippi: ...
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    Scared out of getting a 2nd rabbit

    I absolutely agree with Blue Eyes. Some rabbits can be very picky with who they bond with. Our Holland Lop, Pippi, absolutely hates Butterscotch and Ellie (our two rescued meat rabbits). Pippi gets super territorial if I even SMELL like Butterscotch and Ellie. So, we've had to build a separate...