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    New Rabbit- BONDING help

    Hmm, well I hate being a Debbie downer here but the fact that your female was trying to attack the male through the cage all night.....that would worry me. :( There are some who believe that any two rabbits can be bonded. I believe a certain extent. I do think there could be some...
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    Do You Have a Smartphone?

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    Shya-she does what she wants

    Cool cool fish! I know nothing about fish but I always love looking at aquariums. They are so beautiful. I've heard they are a lot of work though.
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    Just Frank

    Congrats on the vet internship! How exciting. Love LOVE the pics of your gecko eating the worms. Seriously SO cute. It makes me want one again :)
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    My Heart's on Fire for Elvira

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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    Well geez sorry to hear about this last scuffle. I think it's promising that they seemed calm after they were put in their carriers. You definitely have it right there as far as ending things positive rather than just stopping at the fight. I definitely give you props because rabbit fights scare...
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    Melvin and Friends

    Aww Melvin and all your animals are adorable. I LOVE the picture of your dog with the chick on his head. Giggle, giggle ;) I have a mini Rex too. Thry are spunky and intelligent that's for sure!
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    Ash's adventures!

    Aww cute crocheted rabbit. I don't know enough about crocheting to critique! Looks good to me! Haha :)
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    The Three Musketeers

    Aww happy birthday bandy! Time does fly. Love the pics Chris. You and your sis do look alike in some regards and the view behind you in that picture is spectacular! Love your mom on the donkey. She seems like such a fun lady. That town square is just adorable. So much character there im sure...
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    Should I rescue a third?

    I wouldn't attempt a trio but that's just me:) Trios scare me. Trios are difficult and rarely work without some problems along the way. Also, there is the chance that your current bonded pairs relationship could sever or be strained. They aren't *impossible*, i have heard of them, but more...
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    When is a bond confirmed?

    My two bonded very easily, never a scuffle, but I still went really took 30 days. The first night I had them in the same cage I did sleep downstairs on the couch just in case. All was fine :) "They say" they need to be together 4-5 hours on NONneutral territory without even one...
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    Wanted to share this picture....

    They do change so much in color and mushroom definitely has! He is such a cutie :)
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    Conan the Bunbarian & Xena Bunnier Princess

    Yep you and michelles pair remind me so much of each other. All four are headstrong buns. That's why I continue to credit Agnes with my two bonding without a scuffle. I don't think there's a dominant bone in her body! :spintongue I think they will bond too, just as michelles....just takes time!
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    The Three Musketeers

    Omgosh cutest pic ever! Your mom and sis are adorable...wish you were in the photo :) And when you say Moses is your 'bf' do you mean one of your boyfriends or BEST friends....either way...he's a hottie ;) lol......hahahahahahhaa Let me know if you hear anything about Matthew Crawley. It was...
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    How to add a 2nd bunny?

    Neuters are generally cheaper than spays as neuters are a less invasive surgery. It literally varies greatly depending where you live. Where I live neuters....$50-$250 Spays...$75-$400 If you are in the states this website can help to find a rabbit savvy vet...