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    Is this hay rack safe for my bun bun?

    https://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/80010222/ It's this one. Well he is kind of a chewer but I guess I can try and see if he chew it or not
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    Is this hay rack safe for my bun bun?

    Hey guys I am searching hay racks for my bunny's xpen and I found this it's from Ikea it's a Plastic bag dispenser. Many people use it on the internet and I want to ask is it safe and how do you attach it to the xpen? Does anyone have it?
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    Suggestions for Bunnies that jump out of their 3+ foot playpen?

    I use this for my bunny, I am not sure what this is called but I got it from a supermarket I think it is for the garden for plants you can tell someone the measurements you want too. Leo (my bunny) without it was jumping from the x-pen ALL the time I got him this and I never seen him jump over...
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    Unknown bunny age diet *help*

    Hello, I have a question. So I was going to adopt a bunny but my friends got me a bunny from a pet shop (21st of May) he was about 3-4 months ,now I have him for 2 months and I am not sure if he is 5 or 6 months old. I know you need to start vegetables after 6 months old but I am not sure when...
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    What breed is my bunny?

    They look so alike!!! Twinss :D The first 2 pictures are from today and the last picture is from the first day i got him. How old is yours?
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    What breed is my bunny?

    Helloo this is Leo and I dont know what breed he is, any help? They told me he is a 4-5 months old dwarf but i am not sure if he is a dwarf... Or even a 4-5 months old
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    Share your bunnies!

    Aww how cute and rare she is!! This is Leo he is 4-5 months old, I am a new bunny owner too :)
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    Flooring and hay rack ideas

    Helloo!! So I need FLOORING ideas because right now im using a bed sheet and because my floor is wooden in case he spills his water bowl inside the cage under the bed sheet I am using a nylon sheet (i know it is bad if he swallows it, i am always watching him) and i want to change this nylon...
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    Playpen bunny problem

    So I got a new playpen for my dwarf-ish bunny and I let him 5-6 hours a day in my room outside the playpen. The playpen is 60x60 cm don't have a big room so....yeah. The problem is he keeps biting the wires and he can actually move the playpen itself. I'm just really scared every time I hear...