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    Can i bond my neutered buck with my new un neutered buck or should i wait?

    They are such cuties! I would recommend waiting until the the dwarf has been neutered, and also preferably wait 2-3 weeks after the surgery so the bun can recover. After both buns have been neutered they will be less hormonal and it will be easier on your part to bond them :)
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    Pellet Free Diet?

    Hey guys, I was on instagram this morning and I saw this post about a pellet free diet. The woman claimed to be an exotic vet that specialised in rabbits as well, and she said that rabbits over the age of 6 months shouldn't be fed pellets or alfafa. Obviously no alfafa after 6 months makes sense...
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    Is it safe to give my rabbit a doormat to play on

    Does it have rubber around the edges like most doormats do? If so ingesting the rubber can cause intestinal damage.
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    Retraining your rabbit to use the litter box?

    I think if possible you should remove the blanket at the top because it might confuse her as rabbits usually like to pee on soft things like fleece or blanket, you should remove it and only put it back in once she has been retrained, I can also see a few steps with fleece coverings on them and...
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    Bedding vs Litter

    Hey! Basically when rabbits are kept in hutches or cages they are often filled with bedding, it is essentially paper based bedding that can also be used as litter. The bedding is usually for outdoor buns and it is meant to be absorbant in case the buns poo. The article you read was probably...
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    DIFFICULT BONDING (so far failed)...... 2 questions , address either if you can!!......

    Hi! I just saw this thread, good luck with bonding :) On a side note, shelters and rescues often do bonding so if you feel it isn't working with you try a bonding service offered by shelters. <3
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    Question about pregnant rabbit behavior

    Start a new thread so more people can see this :)
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    Local hay farms in Ontario?

    Small Pet Select does worldwide shipping and they are based in the USA as well, they have different cuts of different hays although it may be on the more expensive side unless you are buying in bulk, I'll leave the link below. We...
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    Is Vets4Pets any good?

    I also use Medivet and I would recommend it if you have on nearby they have a vet plan that covers annual vaccinations, nail clipping, regular check ups and discounts on surgeries and appointments. :)
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    Get to know each other game!

    True! I would love to work as a vet in the future and am hoping to go to a specialist uni in a few years :) The person below me can speak more than 3 different languages
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    Housing prior to bonding

    You could try keeping their enclosures near each other so they get used to each others scent and presence but if they begin fighting between the bars you can move them to the opposite sides and switch toys, litter boxes or even their enclosures.
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    Bunny falling over

    Are her feet okay? Did you cut her nails recently? Also it could be that the flooring doesn't have enough traction and friction, what floor do you use?
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    Name Suggestions?

    Hey guys, We are going to adopt a male mini lop and are looking for some name suggestions, :) I was thinking about the name Mocha but i would love to hear some more <3
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    Preparing for new bun!

    Hey guys! We have been looking for a partner for Bambi ever since her partner passed away, we have spoken to several shelters for months and we finally found somebun! His name is Louie and he is a mini lop around 2 years old. The shelter had him neutered yesterday so he needs to recover so he...
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    HELP- both buns have lost litter box training

    Have they been spayed? Also is your litter box low sided? Have any other rabbits been in that area? Often rabbits lose their habits whilst marking territory.