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    Bambi has Stasis :(

    Hey guys, this morning I went to scatter feed the normal 2 tbsp of pellets and watched them eat and noticed that Bambi didn't eat, instead she went to the back and sat in a hunched position. I went over to give her a handful of hay, some water and some more pellets but she had nothing, the only...
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    How to get rid of rabbit fur stuck deep in rug?

    Hey guys, So I have an area rug that I use to cover the tile flooring in our rabbit area. We recently adopted Duke and I have been trying to find out his shedding and moulting pattern, I brushed him regularly but it seems that I should have brushed him more as his moulted fur has gotten stuck...
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    Concerns about hay box?

    Hey guys, I am slowly trying to improve the area the buns have by buying or moving things around to see what works best and was looking for a hay box for the buns. One of the reasons why I wanted a hay box is because I notice that usually when the hay is in their litter boxes it tends to get a...
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    Hair loss in a patch?

    Hey guys, I was brushing Duke today (as he is shedding quite a bit) and noticed that he had an area of thin fur where he had lost hair. And ideas what it could be? I'll attatch a few pictures below sorry they aren't the clearest!. Is this something I need to visit the vet for? He and Bambi both...
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    Bunny Photos-- Share Cute Bunny Photos

    Here are Bambi and Duke!
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    What Breed would be Best for Me?

    Hey! I think its great that you did so much research about buns before thinking about getting one- although I would like to point out that some of Lennon The Bunny's videos can be slightly misinformative so I would recommend checking out other sources (my particular favourite is 101rabbits on...
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    Rabbit Behaviour Change After Having A New Partner?

    That makes so much sense! Thanks for that! Although Duke gets stressed when not around Bambi and I don't want to make him get stressed if I can avoid it, is there any way I could try it without separating them?
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    Rabbit Behaviour Change After Having A New Partner?

    Hey guys! Basically we bought Bambi and her brother Thumper almost a year ago, when we first bought them home they were scared and always hiding, but eventually Thumper came out of his shell. He loved being pet and stroked and loved hopping up onto the seat next to be at the desk whilst I was...
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    Has Anybody Ever Had a Laid Back Mini Lop?

    My bun Bambi is a mini-lop, she tends to be VERY lazy and is never really too active. Every time I see her she's either flopped and asleep or snacking on her hay 😂, as most buns she is extremely food motivated and enjoys eating her lettuce whilst flopped. Bambi personally doesn't like being...
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    Hay Brand

    I have tried Small Pet Select and it is great! Although it can be a bit dusty so be wary or that :) You could try to find local farm hay (it tends to be cheaper than other stores and is in bulk) <3
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    Worms in hutch?

    You should start a new thread so that more people can see it.
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    Do I introduce a new companion?

    We have had a very similar experience when Bambi's brother died. I would suggest waiting for a while (perhaps around 2 months), as in some cases you may be able to see that The Dude is okay without a partner as that was what happened in my case, however we did decide to get a partner for Bambi...
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    Bonding 2 spayed female rabbits

    First off, do you have a female rabbit? If so how old is she? Has she been spayed? How long ago was the surgery? Is it possible that you could get a male partner instead, as male/female partnerships tend to work well? Also if you get another female will she be spayed and had 2-3 months to...
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    bonding an intact male

    If you are going to proceed with bonding make sure you watch them very carefully as if they fight your elderly bun could get stressed and that could lead to unnecessary health issues. Also how long ago was your younger bun fixed? Usually it takes around 2-3 months for the hormones to calm down...
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    bonding an intact male

    In some cases leaving an elderly rabbit intact is better than proceeding with a surgery as often the risk gets higher as buns age.