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  1. Aainamar

    My rabbit nails broke

    Hi guys,can you help me on this?what should i do as my rabbit nails is broker and little bit swell and red
  2. Aainamar

    Rabbit shaking rapidly

    Thank you so much for the explanation.As for my Rex, he always allow us to touched him and never seems to be mind...the teeth grinding are done occasionally and i believe sometimes rabbit shows that he feels happy by doing that. And his ears seems to be more in warm side as compared to being...
  3. Aainamar

    Rabbit shaking rapidly

    Hi...i have a 7 months buck minirex who are kept in a cage and only let out during the day. however I've been noticing that he is always shaking and vibrating and sometimes even the cage shakes together with afraid if there are any underlying issue with him.nevertheless he still eats...