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    Example of why stricter laws are being pushed...

    Just some curious questions here...when it rains does it splash mud on the rabbits? What about ants/rodents getting into their feed or onto the buns themselves? One thing that I noticed was the 1"x2" floor which probably isn't comfortable on their little hocks. Coyotes, dogs, and other...
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    Olivers first show went well :)

    Wow! Congrats!! He is so cute
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    Baby Tans

    Congrats Sarah!! Way to go!
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    TexasRBA State Show in Belton, TX

    WOW!! Congrats Sarah on your wins and your new additions! :D Can't wait to see pictures!
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    What Breed is my bunny?

    Beautiful!! She looks like a castor Rex to me.
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    vet check up 5 week old

    If you think he may have ear mites then its probably best to get it checked. An ear infection can lead to wry neck, ect. You could just look in his ear and see if there is any redness or if it is inflamed or hot to the touch. The one ear up and other down is very common in lop babies. His ears...
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    vet check up 5 week old

    I wouldn't take him, he sounds normal and healthy. :) I have no idea on spaying/neutering. Do you know how to check if its a male or female? I have pictures of telling gender on 4 day old babies on my blog and would be happy to help you determine what your new bunny is if you need any help. I...
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    concerns baby bunny tooken away from mother at 3 WEEKS!!

    Like Pam said, if your bunny is eating just fine now with normal poops there is nothing to worry about.;-) I had a doe stop nursing and her milk dried up at 3 weeks and the babies did just fine and are healthy adults to this day. No ill effects from mom weaning them early. About the poop...
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    Rabbit Breeders in Deep East Texas?

    Neat!! Please come to the Waxahachie show, you'll see so many breeds and meet some new people. Look for me if you go, I'll probably be the only one there with Dwarf Hotots. I'm trying hard to get this breed flourishing again in Texas. Hopefully there will be a couple of youth with that I sold to...
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    Looks like a broken Chestnut. She is gorgeous by the way!
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    Rabbit Breeders in Deep East Texas?

    Hi! Raising rabbits as a hobby for show is so much fun. I think when you find your breed you'll be hooked.;) Do you have facebook? There are several groups on there that are in TX that could help you find the breed you're wanting. Also, I'm a director for the East Texas Rabbit Breeders Assoc...
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    Holland Juniors

    They look nice, still developing though. The ears on the 2nd one look really long but it may be the picture. How are their hindquarters? I see their hocks turn out quite a bit, the 3rd one looks pinched. I know nothing about crown carriage/placement but overall, definitely bunnies to watch! :)
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    Toxic wood to rabbits

    Thanks Mike!
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    Toxic wood to rabbits

    I found some dried twigs of crepe myrtle and thought about giving it for my bunnies to chew on, is it toxic to them? Is there a list somewhere that has what woods are toxic to rabbits? Thanks! I'm making hanging toys for their pens.
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    FUN: Who is having litters this week? Share breed, expected dates, etc.

    I have a doe, Willow, due on Thursday. Nestbox went in today and she is a busy bee at the moment. I'm expecting nicely typed babies, the last time I made this cross I was impressed with her singleton. Sadly it was a REW and couldn't be shown or bred...so round 2 we go. :)