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    Please Help my friend win

    Please everyone, vote for this man!!! Being in the dental fieldI can tell you just by looking at his frontteeth that he has been in pain. Also I am sure this is affecting his over all health. Infection from your teeth can get into your blood stream and go throughout your body. Tooth pain and...
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    Please vote for Gainesville Rabbit Rescue

    I plan on voting every day!
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    Went on vacation, and got a Proposal

    OMG!! You both look so happy. He picked a beautiful place to propose. Congrats!
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    Skyler has a runny nose with green snot

    Well,I just did a nice long post and then lost it. Whew!!! Thank goodness for Randy! I have learned so much from him. It also gives me some comfort to hear his opinion on rabbit health matters. I paid $104.00 for Trouble's 30 dayprescription and think it is going to be worth every penny. His...
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    Skyler has a runny nose with green snot

    Hi, Please pm Randy to check on the medication dose for your little guy. I have a 7.5 pound bunny on the generic for Zithromax right now. It was a powder that they had to mix up and it is cherry flavor. It sounds very similar to the medication you have but I cannot be completely sure because the...
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    ZOOTOO / MIDWEST MAKEOVER ROLL CALL! Please Post If You've Joined

    I have joined and racked up some points. They took away 20 points though!!! Small amount butI did not have that many to begin with!!
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    2 weeks later, I'm codependent?

    Hi, If I remember right, there is a book called "Co-dependent No More." It was written by Melody Beattie. Another book that may be of help Is the " The Adult Child" by Claudia Black. There are a lot of what I call self help books out there. I am surprised that your counselor did not make some...
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    Could a high titer number have anything to do with this problem?

    Hi, has Sherry been checked for diabetes? Just a thought. Beckie, Trouble and Trixie
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    Neutering Georgie...

    How is little Georgie doing? Hope he is up and running around soon! Beckie
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    Aftias got neutered!

    Great!!! This is good news!!:) They sure can give you a scare. Sounds like he is not going to take long to recover. Beckie ,Trouble and Trixie
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    Oh my goodness Jesse. I am so sorry about Umbra and the babies. How devastating for you. I know that you have worked with and loved this bunny for a long time now. Keep your head up girl, you are creative and capable, things will work out in the end. Take care Beckie, Trouble and Trixie
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    Goodbye My Sweet Ivory

    AWWW Binkies!!! This bring tears to my eyes. I know how much you love your furkids!!! We are going to miss the stories and pictures of her. I just loved to see pictures of her eating hay after having her teeth trimmed and those pictures of her with the kitten... precious!! I know this will be...
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    Goodbye my sweet baby Milly

    I am so very sad for you. I could tell from your posts that Milly was loved. This does not seem right, I was just looking at cute pictures of him yesterday!!! My heart goes out to you. Take Care, Hugs to you and your family. Beckie, Trouble and Trixie
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    Dill's Sick Too :(

    How are things going with Dill? I hope he is back to normal. Beckie
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    Chippy was a sick little bunnie with Clostridium perfringens

    Good news!!! You go Chippy. Jim, you get some rest!!! I am so glad to see this this morning. Beckie