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Default Flemish Giant behavior question

I have never had a rabbit bite before now. He is a Flemish Giant about 14 weeks old. He isn't aggressive, but he bites. He will let me pick him up sometimes, but other times, he will bite. I realize he is telling me that he doesn't want to get picked up, but I don't want to get bit every time I want to trim his toenails or groom him.

He is in a very large hutch, and he spends a lot of time in a large pen where he can hop around. Sometimes I will have a bag of timothy hay in my hand as I open his hutch to put some in...and wham! He will bite the bag hard. I always wear gloves these days now.

The breeder I got him from said he never bit before. I have other rabbits, other breeds, etc., so I am pretty certain that it isn't just me. A friend who is also experienced with rabbits came over, and he bit her multiple times.

He settles down and then will sit on your lap. He prefers to lay on the ground in the hay and have you sit next to him and pet him. He could hop away, but he doesn't.

People have told me to do various things.
1) One said he was a baby and would outgrow it.
2) Another said to bite him back on the mouth. Well, that's not happening. LOL
3) Another said to turn him upside down and hold him. He is really squirmy.
4) Another said to hold him down in his cage.
5) Yet another said to hold his face.

I have done all but #2. I have children at my farm all the time, and I can't have a biter. What should I do?
Thanks for the advice!

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I have a 12 week old Flemish. He's never bitten or lounged. I can't say it's a Flemish behavior. Something is upsetting him. Could be a smell of another rabbit or another animal. He also could be he needs a neuter. He's possibly territorial of his home.
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Mine is very cage protective. She's fine once she's out though. If I try to clean her cage with her in it, I will get nipped.
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