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Default Bunny bit me!!

Just a little backstory about my bunny first...I have a 4 month old female mini lop. She is housetrained and comes inside most days but has an outside hutch as well. She is usually very friendly and very calm. Loud noises dont bother her and she is very curious. She will often come up to me for cuddles etc when she is inside and head butts me (haha) She is very comfortable inside and has established her toilet corner, eating area etc. Anyway, today I was putting some wood on the fire, one had was in the fire and one was resting on the floor. She came up and started sniffing my hand which was fine, then all of a sudden she bit me! She has never done this before. She has food and water in her bowl so she isnt hungry. She seems fine now, has come up for pats and is exploring around the house like normal, why would she have done this?? Is she mad at me or just wanting attention when i wasnt giving it?

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maturing rabbit testing her limits I'm guessing.

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What sort of wood was it? Maybe you had wood fragrance on you and she though you smelt tasty. j/k
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I hope she is just testing her limits and its not a regular thing!!
haha Im not sure what type of wood it is but my hands definitely do smell smokey (and actually kind of nice hahaha) maybe she did enjoy the smell because she did lick me before she bit me!
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Cleo bit me once the day before she was spayed. I'm assuming it was a hormonal thing as it was a reaction to me having stroked her hindquarters when she wasn't looking. After she was spayed we never had another repeat.
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Thanks The only thing was this bite want a reaction to anything. I wasnt paying her any attention or touching her. Shes been fine since though, so I will have to wait and see if she does it again!
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clyde started biting me right before his neuter. Someone told me on here to EEEP real loud when he did it and he did stop. good luck!!
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she probably not happy with the smoke from the fire...lol
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I have had a couple of nips from our boy Jasper. He is a 3 1/2 year old Medium sized Lop house rabbit. He seems to like the men in the house more than females, he is constantly licking them and never bites them.
He has never hurt me, I am wondering if he is trying to dominate me. I use a stern voice, say no and put him down.
It's one of those things you just have to speculate about!
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My guy will nip at me too but it's becuase I'm not petting him enough! If I have my hand at my side on the floor he will come right up and give me a nibble and shove his head under my hand. So demanding.

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