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Old 06-27-2005, 11:22 PM   #1
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Just curious. It would seem to me the answer isno, because my albino seems to recognize color (plays more with theorange wooden dowel in his cage than the other colors -- carrot!). TIA.

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I read somewhere that rabbits arecolor-blind. Also, it said that rabbits can only see thegeneral figure of things, not very many details. That's whyif you come in with a bag or something your rabbits get scared.


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I can tell you what I know about animal sight ingeneral. From what I've been told by several vets, you canbasically think that animals who need to recognize color like birds andsome reptiles are able to see color. This is to say thatanimals who typically can be sexed based on coloring can in turn seecolor. Also animals who have colored irises, such as dogs,cats, rabbits, some lizards..., have much better vision then animalswith completely black eyes like rats, ferrets...which rely almostcompletely on other senses.

I'll have to ask my vet, he is full of strange knowledge, like the fact that bearded dragons can see for 15 feet or so.

I actually wonder how much of this can be proven about color blindnessin animals? How do we really know how they perceive things??

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Benji seems to know the difference between his pink blankie and his new green one... he doesnt like his new green one
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This article says that they have limited colorvision, based on scientific tests. It sounds like they canonly see certain wavelengths.

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Very interesting. Thanks for bringing it up milano
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Ally wrote:
Iread somewhere that rabbits are color-blind. Also, it saidthat rabbits can only see the general figure of things, not very manydetails. That's why if you come in with a bag or somethingyour rabbits get scared.


heeeheee. My buns hear a bag, they are on theirhind legs, begging. Yummy...craisins! Over here,Mom!!
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tee hee... I can be across the parking lot witha bag and the wabbits are waiting at the glass doors waiting to see ifI have anything for them... So do they see me coming or arethey hearing me...(air conditioning and tv on?)

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LOL they can smellthe treats thru glasslittle boogers lol .

I believe they can see somedifferent colors ,. I have onewho will attack only green socks , where as I hada dog who would goballistic on seeing a red pair of shoesor socks, yes I know i havesome weird animals lol .

I have done tests withcolored socks andits funny , white yellow andblue make no difference to eitherthe rabbit nor the dogbut green and red on the other handboth would go nutsoidwith their respected colors .go figure.
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