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I was sitting on the floor with Rascal, feeding him some veggies. I sneezed, which spooked him causing him to run and do a few skittish jumps.

When he came back over for more veggies I noticed one of his hind feet was red. I felt his foot and sure enough, one toenail was ripped open through the quick.

The first thing I did was herd him into his cage so he wouldn't spread blood all over the room, and then I jumped onto these forums to search for some advice. I saw a thread with tips about holding the nail and adding flour or cornstarch to help stop the bleeding.

I ran and got some paper towels and flour. I picked up Rascal, flipp him over so he "played dead", and held the nail tight. It took quite a while, more than five minutes, til the blood slowed. I added bits of flour and kept holding it until a few more minutes had passed. Thankfully he stayed calm.

And now he's hopping around just fine, looks like the bleeding has been kept at bay. Whew!

I had a moment of panic but it took me less than a minute to find help here on the forums and gather the supplies I needed. So thanks!

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Good job. You joined the forum at the right time.

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Nancy McClelland
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We have some styptic powder from Petsmart "just in case".
Sometimes I feel like I'm running a fertilizer factory.
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Nancy McClelland wrote:
We have some styptic powder from Petsmart "just in case".
Yep this is what we have too.

Glad to hear all is well now with your bunny.

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I was clipping Benny's nails yesterday and noticed he does not have a nail at all on one foot. It is just the quick, which I didn't realize until after I clipped it. Started to bleed pretty good, but I keep styptic powder on hand for him and the dogs. That stopped it right up. I am not sure when he lost this nail, but he seem no worse for wear.

Loved by Benjamin
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