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Poppet has been with us just over a week. She is about 15 weeks and she has been out of her cage constantly the last 5 days.

I noticed she was nudging things like my leg while she was smelling me at the start and nudges my hands alot.

Is this a sign of...."hey get out of my way" or "show me affection?"

I don't want to irritate her further.

Saying this she is running a million miles an hour round our living room right now so she seems to be living it up!


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Awww how CUTE!!! Most of the time it is hey show me some love!!! Sometimes it can be, uh can you please move or get this out of my way. I can always tell which nudge means what.Thor use to nudge me then circle me several times. LOL

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Thank you so much for this. I can tell her get out of my way ones when I have been cleaning her cage while she is out and she is trying to see what I'm doing. But that is why I was starting to get confused.

Today was a great day she was sitting on my lap eating (in the above picture) and flopped down beside me and let me stroke her while she was lying out!!!
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It may depend on what she is doing at the time and what you are doing. If she is wandering around and exploring and you are in the way, she would be wanting your to move. If she is just hopping around and come over to you, then she is probably looking for affection. You could try moving out of the way and she what she does, if she goes on her way, then you were in the way but if she come to you again, she wants affection.

You did just get her. You will need to learn more about what she does. There is really no set in stone rules. A nudge can mean some different things, you need to figure out what it means for her.
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Nancy McClelland
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With ours it can be one or both of those things.
Sometimes I feel like I'm running a fertilizer factory.
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Apparently rabbits believe in good manners, and part of that is always acknowledging you when they are passing you by. They expect no less from their fellow bunnies and apparently even their humans! My bunnies never pass by me without nudging me, and ive learnt to always give them little pet on the head (human nudge) whenever i pass them too.

When Pippin wants attention he will nudge me several times and then groom me, or if i put my hand down towards him he'll put his head down so i can "groom" him. When he is just acknowledging i am there he will give me a nudge and then continue on his way. If he keeps nudging me without any licks and stands there and stares at me, then i know he wants me to move, and if he starts digging at me then that's usually a sure sign.

A nudge can mean so many different things, it takes time to learn what your rabbits are trying to tell you, and they might not all communicate the same things to you in the exact same way. It wont take long for you to understand what he's trying to tell you, though im sure everyone still gets it wrong from time to time.

WTB Universal Translator.

EDIT: Oops, and by he i meant she. >.<
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Yep, Mine do that too. Just happy, or sometimes wanting attention.

Poppet is *A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e* !!!

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