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Hello.I just got young lionhead rabbit and i dont know to much about their diet.Ive been reading on all the formus on the internet and some say things u should feed them and on the other website they say the same things and they claim u shouldnt feed them.Im pretty confused.All i know for now is that u can feed them pellet and banana.So i wanna know if i can feed him dandelion greens(since ive read they like it),clover,grass and other stuff like this.please someone give me an accurat list of things that i should and i should not feed to my little cute lionhead rabbit.Help me out please cause i want my bunny to be happy and healthy.

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The important thing to consider is that all opinions will vary, even within this forum. Some of that is because people are uninformed, but other times, it's just because there is more than one "accurate" way to do things.

If you have access to a good pellet, that can make balancing the diet much easier on you. Alfalfa-based pellets are most common and, in my opinion, are the best choice. For a pet, I would look for about 15-16% protein and about 1.5% fat, as a general rule. A Lionhead should be getting about 1/4-1/2 cup daily.

Then, it is great to also add a fresh grass hay (timothy, oat, mixed grass, etc.). Give your rabbit as much hay as he will clean up in 24 hours. That way, it is always available to him.

Those two key foods should round out the diet pretty well, but you may also choose to feed bananas, dandelion greens, clover, grass, etc. as treats or supplements too.

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I have a lionhead who is bonded to another rabbit, so the amounts would be divided in half for just her.
I give about 3/8 of a cup a day of Oxbow timothy pellets. I also give lots of hay as both of them love it and go nuts for hay. I also give veggies a couple times a week, this usually consists of romaine lettuce, parsley, cilantro and bok choy.

Banana should be a treat and only given in small amounts a couple times a week. Most fruit is high in sugar, so should be limited.
Fresh leafy green veggies are the best to give on a daily basis. Dandelion, grass and clover are good, but if you are picking them make sure they have not be treated with anything.

Check www.rabbit.org, there are some good lists of what you can and cannot feed a rabbit. Some of the names of some veggies might be different where you are, so you may need to double check some if you are not sure.
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thank u guys you have been very helpful.Btw your rabbits looks amazing,im already thinking of getting an other one.Any suggestion for a new bunny?
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