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my wife and I recently adopted two rabbits as rescues for our son. we placed them both into a large cage until I could built a large outdoor hutch. the outdoor hutch I built gives them a 2ft x 4ft area on a wire floor for them tomove around in with a attached 1ft x 2ft enclosed secure bedding area. also they have a ramp that allows them to a lower area to move about. this is my question, the rabbits spend alot of time in the enclosed bedding area, i guess they feel safe, which is good. but they are urinating and leaving dropping in this area. the bedding area has a wood bottom and it is starting to soak into the wood. i never knew an animal to do this in their bedding area, so how do i prevent this?



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likley a comfort thing, sounds like they prfere the solid floor, and rabbits tend to do their buisness in one place(hence they are easily litter trained) if they are not spending much time out the the wire floored area, they probably dont like the wire floor. I would just cover all the wire flooring with something solid and litter box train them
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Pipper was litter trained very fast. She stays in a large Super Pet cage when we are asleep / not at home. When I first brought her home, I observed which corner she urinated in, and simply placed the litter box there. Simple as that. However, she still does leave pellets when she's out of her cage, which I've yet to learn how to deter!

If your buns urinate in different corners, you may need to purchase two litter boxes for their hutch. Once you give them a litter box, they'll likely only urinate in there!
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