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Bill Jesse
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Have a year old watered-down spayed Dutch and she stopped eating pellets and drinking. She will eat carrot tops but nothing else. I took her to a vet and all checked out well but after about 4 hours of not urinating or defacating I decided to give her 15 cc of critical care and 30 cc of lactote ring fluid. I also gave her 0.3 cc of metacam, once Saturday and once Sunday. She did not seem hydrated.

This morningI found 10 fecal pellets and no urine. She is not very lively and it may be because she is away from her close room mate. I phoned the vet and she said it sounds normal given whatI medicated her with and if nothing happens by tomorrow I should bring her back.

Ithink tomorrow is too long (at least for me) to wait. At the moment it will be about 24 hours since she urinated. I know cats can wait to urinate up to 3 days but how about a rabbit?

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Hmm... I would be concerned. When my boy wasn't urinating, we took him to the vet. and the vet said that a bunny that doesn't urinate at all for (I don't remember exactly how many hours so I don't want to put a wrong number and freak you out) would be in serious trouble because it would become toxic to the bunny. I'm a bit concerned that your vet isn't seeing the potential dangers of this properly. Did they try to squeeze her bladder to see if it was full? Did they send you over with something to collect a sample if she does pee? My vet gave us a mild painkiller and that helped get things going but you'd really need to make sure she is well-hydrated for that.

Basically, I'm not advising you to give her anything other than the fluids but I am suggesting you get a different opinion. I can't help and I don't run the the vet for everything and I normally trust most vets but this is one of those things that I would be too worried about honestly. There's just too much risk of her going downhill so fast... With that much fluid, surely she should have urinated. There must be something wrong if she isn't...

Thinking of you guys and wishing her a speedy recovery.

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I would phone the vet and ask the vet to do a UTI check. Sounds like she could be having issues with her bladder. Also just to be on the safe side have her do an x-ray and see if there are any blockages. What about her teeth? Prince quit eating and drinking when he had molar spurs, then when his teeth were trimmed he felt better and was eating and drinking. But before his teeth were trimmed he would only eat some greens, nothing else.
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How is she today?
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