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I'd like to let my bunny out more often but he started this habit of peeing on a certain part of my carpet. If I cover it with a big piece of cardboard he pees and poops in the bathroom which is fine. He doesn't go anywhere else, and he has a litterbox in his cage which he never misses.

How can I get him to stop peeing on the carpet in that spot so I don't have to use cardboard on my floor? Looks tacky for guests.

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Try rubbing the area with a bar of Ivory soap. It doesn't work for all rabbits, but when it does work, it works very well. I don't know why, but some rabbits really hate the smell of Ivory soap.
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I also hear vinger works well to get rid of the urine smell that the rabbit could smell. With my buns, if I left a box there for a little while, it would break the habit and then I could remove the box. You might need to leave the box there for a little while and hopefully it will break the habit and he will forget about it once you remove the box. Just make sure the smell is gone or he may start again.
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