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can anyone give me any tips on keeping my bunnys water bottle from freezing? i had 25 frozen bottles this morning i have put old socks on them now to try and stop it freezing at the moment but does anyone else have any other tips for me? thanks guys and gals

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The socks were going to be my suggestion.

Many people switch to crocks over the winter because sometimes the problem is not just the water in the bottle freezing. But the metal nozzles often freeze first. So a crock ensures that until the water is frozen, your rabbit can still get water. Plus, it may not freeze as fast in a crock...I'm not sure because my rabbits are in the garage over the winter and it rarely gets down to freezing.

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Nancy McClelland
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Have seen some heated bottles on pet sites thru Amazon. May have to go to crocks. Fairly sure that the metal spout would freeze up way before the bottle too.
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i wrap the bottle in a tea cozy - the kind with thick wadding in the middle (like an oven mitt). this is working so far

mine arent outdoors although the bunnery shed isnt heated.
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I had an absolute nightmare with this last year and this year we are ready and I really beleive the only answer is to buy an extra bottle for each rabbit and keep swapping them over to thaw out in the house.We tried socks etc but they still froze as the weather worsened
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I'm having this problem too!
Make sure you only fill the bottle up half way too, because if it does freeze it will expand and the water has no where to go so it splits the bottle.
The sock thing works for me, but wow 25 frozen bottles does not sound fun.
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When I went to check on the buns, their bottles were frozen solid I put in crocks now and will be rotating between crocks and bottles. Luckily, I am home everyday so Ican easily check on them multiple times a day.I think we'll go buy the insulation sleeves tonight or look for something at the DIY. Simply not a risk I want to take...

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