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My bun is on an antibiotic (Baytril) as prescribed from my vet and he also wants me to give the bun some plain yogurtw/active culture. This is to help keepthe flora balanced.

I remember readingaboutyogurt but don't know where I read it. Is thisok to do?Is there an easy way to give yogurt?

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i know i feed my bunnies "Yogies" as a treat (which they absolutely looove) but to feed them yogurt...not too sure of that

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NO!!! Yogurt is not good for rabbits. They can't digest milk products. See MediRabbit.com article here:

Feeding Yogurt to Rabbits

There are a couple of probiotics on the market that are good for rabbits. One is ProBios. It's sold in feed stores. Get the gel sold in a large syringe for equines. All of my rabbits love the taste of it. Another one is BeneBac. It can be purchased in pet stores.
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Bene-bac is only available in my local pet stores in very small tubes for hamsters and such. But I get it in a 15g tube from Amazon for $7.95 for my 10 lb bunny who has been on antibiotics. Bene-bac small mammal gel I think it's called. For me, that was a more reasonable size than the ones for horses. And I agree -- do NOT give a bunny yogurt. And you might want to find a more up-to-date rabbit vet. My vet gave me the first tube of bene-bac, which he had on hand.
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I would also recommend using Benebac instead of yogurt.

As Petra mentioned, you might only be able to find it in the small tubes at the petstores. I've heard them reffered to as "single-dose" or "one-shots".
If they don't have them in the small animal section of the store, check in the bird section.

I've also substituted acidophilus for Benebac. Most drug stores carry acidophilus. I buy it in the capsule form.....open the capsule and sprinkle it on their food or mix with something like babyfood.

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Everyone is correct. Yogurt is not okay for rabbits.

What your rabbit needs is a probiotic to help keep the flora balanced.

Yogurt will upset the flora and cause more problems than your bun already has and that would mean more money spent at the vet. I should know, it cost me about $3,000 to get Prince's leg fixed.
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Thanks everyone for all the input.

I do remember looking for BeneBac but I could not find any that said rabbits. They did have for birds and cats. So BeneBac listed for any small mammal will work?

If I find any of the following; Probios, BeneBac, Acidophilus, what would be the correct amount to administer to my bun?

As far as finding a more up to date rabbit vetthat willcheck small animals, the closest one for me would be more than 50 + miles away.... This is why I check with R.O.L.

Again thanks for all the input.
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I usually say a gram a day. For the paste/gel, that translates to about pea-sized portion.
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You can use powdered form benebac for cats or dogs but not the bird kind.

I am not sure about the amount but if you get it then read and post the instructions on the back ; you want aboout 1 gm at a time as Claire said
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I just picked upa probiotic. It's made by PETER'S and isa rabbit probiotic.

Did I make an ok purchase?

Peters Rabbit ProBiotic Digestive Tract Conditioner 1.7 oz.
Peters Rabbit ProBiotic contains Lactobacillus Acidophilus and a combination of natural ingredients that work to enhance and maintain a rabbits overall digestive health. Also helpful for diarrhea and other digestive stresses. 100% safe for rabbits and other small animals.

I could not find Benebac anywhere.

angieluv, here's the instructions for use;

Add 1/2 teaspoonper 8oz. of water. Discardafter 24 hours. Use daily or as necessary.

For now I will not administer. Bun is showing NO signs of diarrhea. If her condition should change I will follow the instruction on the bottle unless I hear otherwise from R.O MOD's or Members.

I know probiotics are used for digestive problems but is this something that can be given once in a while or should it be given only when there's a problem???

Thanks again for all your input

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