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Now that summers coming in southern Ontario so have the bugs. Flurry lives outside in an old garden shed with a run attached to it. When we got Flurry it was the end of the summer so all the bugs were practicly gone. Does anyone with outdoor rabbits find mosqitoes/blackflies an issue? If so what should I do to keep them off Flurry? (she's pure white so I don't think they will be as attracted to her as if she was a dark colour)

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I've had no experience with mosquitos since I live in Ireland but is there any chance you could get a mosquito net and put it around there living space?

I have a fly strike spray that I spray on the rabbits and their living space everyweek. It works for mosquitos too (says on back of bottle). It repels the flys COMPLETELY - I havent seen a fly near their hutch in ages lol! Maybe you could get something like a mosquito spray or something

Heres the one I use: https://www.thehayexperts.co.uk/Heal...ector.513.html
Its so cheap in the UK lol

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I would get a mosquito net. Get enough that you can cover the whole run. A net would be safer than a spray or other chemical stuff.
You might be able to find a pet safe repellent, but I would not spray it directly on Flurry or near anything that can be chewed or eaten.

I don't have to deal the misquitos too much as the buns are inside. We don't get blackflies here either. I have been to Ontario (Muskoka area) in the summer, so I know it is bad.
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The only bugs I've ever really seen on my out door bunnies were spiders and beetles, and flying things that got trapped in the plastic that shields them from rain. I have more fly problems with my indoor bunnies than outdoor ones, as far as I know.

I also suggest mosquito netting over the run, where she can't chew it up of course. I'm also planning on getting fly traps & mosquito repellent to hang around my cages for the summer. I wouldn't recommend sprays or such, only things that have no chance to find their way into little bunny mouths.
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I heard that mint and catnip repell mosquitos. Make sure your hutch has good ventilation. A hutch fan will also help to keep your hutch dry inside and less attractive to bugs, and the flow of air will help keep the mosquitos off of your rabbit.
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Ive also heard that certain plants keep the bugs away so I think I might try plant some (where she can't eat them)

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