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OK...you can think I'm nuts if you want...but my baby boys have bad breath!

I told the vet and he asked me why I had my head in the rabbits mouth...so now he thinks I'm nuts too! lol

Basically it remeinds me of sweet fermented milk...thats the first thing that comes to mind...they have had it as long as I have had them. I was wondering if it could be the same as puppy breath...related to worms...

We bought the boys form a breeder...three males all together and all three have had the same smell...I waited to see if it was something that would go away...but it hasn't lessened. The boys are 18 weeks and 15 weeks of age. Their teeth were all inspected during their neuter on Thursday past...so no issues there...they are eating and pooping normally...I have never encountered this before in a rabbit!

Any ideas?


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I havent heard of that particular smell you described associated with rabbit breath before. Usually there's a smell like cecotropes or decay (infection). Some bunnies seem to get a fungal infection of the skin around the mouth, that usually clears up with daily cleaning, but I haven't heard of that being associated with that smell.

Coccidia usually smells in the poop, not in the breath.
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