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This may be a crazy thought but insted of plain water can rabbits have tea? Not store bought tea but herbel homemade brewed tea? Like say Basil, goldenrod, parsley, dandelion, ect tea? Give the rabbits the benifits of the herb in a lovely tasting drink.

Anyone out there ever heard of it, thought of it, or know anything about doing it?

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I don't see why not, if it's cooled, of course. Scone often likes to sniff at my evening cup of Sleepytime herbal tea, which is mostly chamomile - although he usually jumps back when he realizes it's hot. He'll lick the rim of the cup after it cools down. (Of course, he does the same with my wee dram of Scotch - as a Scots bunny, he has good taste)

That same herb is in Oxbow Botanical Hay. It shouldn't matter if the stuff's soaked in water first (that is what tea is, after all).
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