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Can you get a white wild rabbit?

I saw one when I was up in the highlands a few days ago, It looked more like a nethie. I went up to it just to check that it wasnt tame and it ran away.

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The Mountain Hare molts to a mostly white coat for the winter, but it's a bit early for that....




The bunnies reveal their wisdom a bit at a time,....so as not to embarrass me.
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In the UK, wild rabbits can mate with domestic rabbits. But people being the way they are, it was probably released into the wild by it's owner. Since most tame rabbits will run away from strangers, it's hard to tell that way.

Can you call the RSPCA and see if someone can set up live traps in the area?
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To answer your question - yes you can. I remember reading a while ago that wild rabbits can come in a variety of colours, although most commonly seen with the agouti 'wild'coloured coat.

I have seen black wild rabbits a couple of times hopping around the place so I wouldn't be too worried, unless it looked like a domestic rabbit which had been abandoned.
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Yes you can - on my way to school I see a few white wild rabbits, and blacks, though mainly I see agouti, on a very big roundabout. I definitely don't think a domestic rabbit has got in with them, they are just born like that.

People get all excited an point at them when we see them on the bus, hehe.

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