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Bun Buns is going to be 16 weeks old tomorrow ( april.28,07) so shes 4 months old. When should i get her spayed?


Should i go to that vet i went to last time ( the one you suggested). Has your bunnies been spayed/ neutered (sp?) there before?

I don't want bun buns to be hurt.. im extremely emotional and i don't want her to die in the operation. Exactly what do they do to the girl bunnies? Before her getting spayed should she go for check-ups for like the mucous thing... or if shes having a cold or something... is spaying her at 6 months of age better or worse. Please tell me some of your experiances!

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I would say from 4-6 months of age is a good time to have it done.

I've found with the buns I've had spayed that when they are done at an earlier age they recover faster.

When a bun goes in for a spay, they are put to sleep using a special mediacation, then a small incision is made into their tummy and their uterus and ovaries are removed. She is stitched up and then another medicine is given to wake her up.

The bunny normally receives a shot to relieve pain and pain meds to go home with.

I've had 10 girls spayed (mine and fosters), and I haven't had a problem.

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Hey there. Sorry I just saw this.

The vets you went to (that I go to as well) did Charlie's neuter, and they were good - they knew the answers to all my questions, they kept him overnight becuase they wanted to give him pain medication before sending him home.

There is never a guarantee that something doesn't go wrong, but they are knowledgeable and were good with Charlie.

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