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What Is It?

Vent Disease - rabbit syphilis
Vent Diseaseis a sexually transmitted bacterial infection usually seen in breeding animals. Rabbit syphilis is not zoonotic (communicable from animals to humans). Sores develop around the vent (genital) area and sometimes on the face. Treatment is with antibiotics:most authorities recommend injectable penicillin.

Recommended Articles

Vent disease, Syphilis, Spirochetosis (Treponematosis)

Articles and Links

Listings in Rabbit References:

Venereal Spirochetosis (Rabbit Syphilis, Vent Disease, Cuniculosis) (Part XII) (WARNING:GRAPHIC IMAGES)

RO Member Threads

Sick Bunny, Scabs, Swollen Genitals? Don't Know What's Wrong

Vent Disease

Poppy (with photo)

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Help and Advice Needed

IMPORTANT - Rabbit Syphilis

Photos and Videos

The above shots are courtesy of GoinBackToCali, first posted in this thread:

"We immediately started her on a course of injectable Pen G.. with some Bene Bac.. and she was good to go.. no issues, and I still have her to this day.. "

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I would ammend the portion that mentions debate ontopicalointments for treatment. There's no debating on that issue -an application of topical ointment cannot cure it.

Here's another good link



Edited, thanks, Pam!

I see that link has a ton of other information, we'll incorporated it into the pages for other appropriate ailments as well (if Naturestee hasn't already done so).
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