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What is it?

TIP: Warning Signs: (Bunny fights can be fatal) Watch for aggressive behaviors: tail up, ears back, growling, boxing, circling, chasing and biting. If one of these behavior occurs several times in a row; if neither rabbit backs down; if it leads to further aggressive behaviors, it should be interrupted. A spray of water, aimed at the rabbits' heads, may interrupt a fight about to happen but has no effect once anger is aroused. If a fight advances to a clench, use a towel to separate the rabbits. Or, pour water from a water bowl on them. Using your hands is asking for a skin-breaking bite. Take a break and revise your strategy. To accomplish the match, you must prevent the fight from happening in the first place.

From Suzanne Smith

Nothing is cuter than watching two rabbits lie side by side kissing each other. They are clearly very happy and enjoy each other's company. Rabbits are social animals that benefit from living in pairs or groups. Despite the need to live with another rabbit, you cannot just put two rabbits in a cage and expect them to immediately get along. Rabbits, like humans, must date first. During their courtship, the rabbits learn to trust each other and eventually fall in love. Rabbit dating is referred to as bonding. Every pairing is different, as there is not a set path to take. Here we will discuss different techniques and styles for bonding rabbits.

What to Expect

Some bondings are fairly easy while others are difficult. I truly believe that you can bond any two rabbits, but I don't always think it is worth the stress. Rabbits rarely fall in love at first sight and indifference is a good first sign. It means that they are scoping each other out and trying to figure out if they can trust each other. A quick bonding can take two weeks while the more difficult ones can take 3-4 months. On rare occasions, bonding takes 6 months to a year. Not only will you need to make a time commitment, but you will also need a second cage, space to work in, and plenty of patience.

Just like with people, every bunny and every pairing are different. For this reason I can not step you through a procedure of how to do this. Rather, I will explain things that I look for and different options to try. What works in one situation, can easily fail in another. This article will try to explain different approaches to use and how to read your rabbits' behavior. You will need to figure out what works for you.

When you try to bond a pair of bunnies, please be patient and committed to it. It can be very easy to get discouraged, to be convinced that it will never work. Three days later everything can be going great. This isn't something that is steady, but a series of "breakthroughs". I've had more people call me insisting that the rabbits aren't interested in each other and several days later call again with news that they are totally in love.

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