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Default Fairly new to bunnies...

This is a long story, but a typical one.
My lovely husband purchased me a bunny after very little discussion on the subject. Then we wanted her to have company and bought her a dwarf galpal who turned out to be male!

Both are now 6 months old and altered, with the goal of bonding them as soon as the hormones settle a bit.

Our house is not bunny-proofable AT ALL so they are in separate large-ish cages during the day and have separate x-pen time at night. I realize this is not ideal, but we are working on moving ourselves this spring, now even the Husby has begun to look at houses with suitable, bunny-proofable rooms!

My only issue at the moment is my big girl, Clementine, doesn't want to be picked up for the transfer to or from the x-pen.

She was just spayed on Monday (today is Friday) and she was not sent home with pain meds So I don't know whether she's still grumpy from the surgery or if this is a new trend. Honestly, I've kept her confined in her cage since then, but I'll need to clean her cage very, very soon! She previously shunned the idea of the litter box, hoping the spay will help with that.

Any thoughts? Advice?

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The farther away from "babyhood" that a bunnies get, the less tolerant they tend to be of being picked up.

Your best bet is to start using a carrier or box to get her from the cage to the x-pen.

When you get to a new place, you'll be wanting the permanent housing to be in the exercise area. That way you can just open the cage door to allow bunny access to the larger area -- no picking up or moving her.

This is ideal in numerous ways, not the least of which is that bunny always has a safe retreat back to her cage (and her litter box) whenever she feels the need.

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I use a pet carrier. Harvey hops in with no problem and I carry her wherever and let her out again. She HATES being picked up so I respect that and just use the pet carrier. She never minds going in it and getting hauled around.
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Most rabbits hate being picked up. That's completely normal (imagine yourself by being carried by a giant at a high which is roughly ten times your size and see how you like it ^^).That's why it's preferable to have a cage from which a rabbit can hop out by themselves and a run attached to the cage when a run is needed. But considering your situation is temporary, if you don't have any other solution, I agree with the others that a carrier might work better. It's safer for you and for her, considering that if she struggles in your arms she can bite or scratch you (believe me, a rabbit can do a lot of damage - once, one of mine litteraly opened my arm from my wrist to my elbow with his nails and there was blood everywhere, it was 5 years ago and I still have the scar), and you might drop her or squeeze her too tight which could really hurt her.
Of course, the fact that she is still sore from the surgery and that you betrayed her trust big time by taking her to the vet (it was for her own good, but she doesn't know that ^^) probably doesn't help. My doe didn't want anyone touching her hindquarter and avoided me like the plague for several weeks after her spay. She forgave me eventually.
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Thank you all for your great suggestions! I had thought of a carrier, but now will implement the idea.

Ideally we're going to have the cages inside the big area for their enjoyment, so like you said, I can just open their cages for run time.

I've learned a lot from this site, thank you for all the support!

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