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Default spayed and neutered couple 'mating' for enjoyment?

Tulip and Mr Bun have been bonded since June. Latelythe two have been um canoodling. I know bunnies do that as a dominance thing but suddenly the two have been doing it a lot. Tulip seems to coerce the behavior and then 'assumes the position' for him. Aftrwards he lays on her back for what must be a long time in bunny years. They seem to be enjoying it, most of the time at least. Is this typical? Should I be concerned

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Sounds like they’re trying to work out some of the issues between them. I had bunnies that did that too, but it was in the spring. The neutered buck had a touch of the spring fever. As long as it doesn’t turn into a fight I’d think it’s ok and it will pass.

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Sorry, this thread made me chuckle big time! Good to know that it happens ... we are getting ready to search for a bond mate for our rabbit and I am trying to learn all that I can on the subject.
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Dominance, or "Who's the Boss?" Just like the "pecking order" but without the pecking. The submissive will also groom the head of the "boss". With our dogs, I think it's whoever can stink up the room the most and it's a dead heat right now--wish we had the airline oxygen masks that drop from above.
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