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Default Swollen Penis

Hello everyone,

I'm rather desperate for advice, thoughts, ideas etc.

I have a German Angora born this past Jan...2017.

Came home with us Oct 2nd.

Was not in good condition.

Shaved him down, cleaned up poopy butt.

Noticed he wasn't eating well. His testicles became engorged, like blood blisters.

Took him to the vet on Oct 4

Started SMZ, bene, MEtacam.

Had on and off again swelling of the penis. Not in length, just girth.

Neuter, wound ablation completed on Oct 9

PCN injections every 3 days for 2 weeks. He's had two so far.
Metacam, bene everyday.

He is still urinating.

They said his molars need to be done but can't be till he heals from this.

His appetite had dwindled to pretty much nothing. I don't really see him drinking. His penis is still very swollen.

At this point we are doing 15cc of critical care made with goat's milk every hour.
7cc of water every Hour.

He's started having trouble walking. Favoring his hind legs.
Very lethargic.

I'm really kinda scared he's giving up.

Thoughts? Ideas?

The vet said we are pretty much out of options.
Said I can't give the metacam twice a day.

I'm worried he's in pain......

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What is the explanation the vet gave about the condition? Syphilis? It looks like an infection which needs to be cleared - I knew a rabbit who had a malformed penis and a lot of infections as the result and he was treated by injecting Penicillin G. I'm a bit confused by the goat milk. Rabbits don't eat milk and I might be wrong but giving something with calcium in it to a rabbit with a penis problem doesn't sound like the best of ideas to me. The rabbit I knew was not even drinking water from the tap but bottled water which was especially low in calcium. Also, why can't you give metacam twice a day? If the rabbit is in pain, you can, normally. How much of it is he taking?
Is there another rabbit vet you can go to? If my rabbit was that ill, I would want another opinion. Considering you feel your rabbit is giving up, I would hurry and try everything now. There is no guarantee anyone can save him, but at least you'll know you did everything you could.
I hope someone else will chime in and will be able to help more.

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That picture is horrendous. Your poor rabbit!!! He must be in so much pain. I wish I had an answer for you. I have zero input for you but just wanted to show some support. I'm so sorry your bunny is in so much pain and I really hope you get it worked out. Can you maybe see another vet? A second opinion could be very helpful. Was your rabbit checked for syphilis?
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Did the vet do xrays to check for bladder sludge or stones? This might be what is causing the irritation and inflammation. A urinalysis would probably be good to do as well if it wasn't done yet. Blood tests too if xrays and urinalysis don't show anything.

Like Aki said, metacam can be given twice a day. Vet references in this link to back up this fact.

If possible, you may need to find a more rabbit savvy vet.

And I agree, no more goats milk as this could be contributing to the problem because of the excess calcium. Not to mention that adult rabbits can't process lactose properly.
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