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Hay pellets don't have to be measured out. It's just hay in pellet form.

Skavatar, it sounds like what you are feeding seems to be working out fine. Hopefully you can find baled grass hay, that's a much cheaper option than those small bags they sell.

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Blue eyes
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Just to clarify here... the hay pellets are just hay, so they don't fall under the category of "pellet food" - pellet food that is specially formulated for rabbits and has added nutrients. The formulated pellets, if one feeds them, are to be limited to about 1/4 cup per day for a 5-7 lb rabbit. (What katiecrna was referring to)

All rabbits should get whole hay strands. It is the eating of the long strands that cause the jaw to move in that figure 8 motion needed to grind down the teeth.

It is fine to feed some of the hay-only pellets, but it is better to provide the whole hay also. That is why I said earlier that the hay pellets don't really serve a specific purpose -- not if one is providing actual hay with the long strands. The exception would be, as Jbun exampled, if one had a rabbit resistant to eating the long strands of hay. Such a rabbit could get some of that roughage with those pellets (though it wouldn't help their teeth). In such a case, the hay pellets don't need to be limited, just as actual hay doesn't need to be limited.

So if your rabbit is eating actual hay, the hay-only pellets are not a substitute for pelleted rabbit food with the added nutrients. The hay-only pellets may substitute somewhat for hay, but not for pellets.

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Happi Bun
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I was about to write up a post pointing out that those hay pellets do not have any added nutrients/vitamins from the looks of it. The only reason to feed rabbits pellets at all is to make sure they are getting all the nutrients and vitamins they need to stay healthy. That is why Rabbits only need a limited amount daily. The bulk of their diet is Hay.

My rabbits have access to fresh hay at all times. They munch on it throughout the day. At night they get their "dinner" which is 1/2 cup of pellets split between the two of them. They also get veggies during the day. Bunnies always go crazy for pellets for some reason. They love the stuff!

Like Blue eyes stated, those hay pellets can be used in situations where a rabbit just isn't a big hay eater for extra roughage, but it still won't be as good as actual hay. You need to make sure you are still feeding a complete and balanced rabbit pellet (for example, Oxbow) on top of those hay pellets. Also, I would still offer hay.
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Good info, thank you all.
My local Tractor Supply has the 50lb bales for $10

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