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Originally Posted by percythetrain View Post
Hi everyone, just joined but been reading a lot about bunnies. I don't know what to do. I guess I'm looking for support. We're all very depressed right now, especially me and my mom. I wasn't familiar at all with these little animals but ended up really bonding with him. He roamed the house but stayed mostly in one room. Seemed very happy and relaxed with us.

The thing us I have children and after they were gifted the bunny I found out these creatures are very fragile so when I was around I would not allow my children to pick him up. I was very strict about that, although they were allowed to pet him while he was on the floor. However, my dad lives with me and we do have some tension in our relationship because he basically will break all of my rules, it's like I have zero authority with the kids when he's around. He would let them hold him and we'd get into fights, he would insist these animals were strong as heck which we now realize it's not at all true.

So it became difficult for me to control whether my children handled the bunny especially if I was not around or engaged in some other activity. The day before yesterday I fell ill with a bad cold. I was feeling pretty bad and didn't want to pass it on to the kids so I tried to stay in my room while my parents watched them. My mom is generally very judicious and very much in agreement with my rule that the bunny should not be handled by the kids, but in a moment she was cleaning the cage and heard the kids chasing the bunny, she yelled at them to stop.

I was lying in bed in my room when I heard the commotion and walked over there to see my son shaking the bunny, I told him to let it go and he did but it fell from about a foot, maybe a foot and a half. Now I feel horrible that it might have come down to the fall. Maybe it was the shaking or from the force that he was being held with. But he basically hopped away at first but, went under the bed but then collapsed about a minute later. Did he die from fright or from an injury I don't know but it was horrible and shocking because it all happened so fast there wasn't any way to process it.

Ever since we got him I had made it my mission to protect him because I thought about how traumatizing it would be to lose him due to carelessness as opposed to because he's become too old. I keep thinking I shouldn't have been in bed or I should have placed the cage in my bedroom if I was going to be resting. The reason I didn't have him in my room is I'm a bit allergic to hay. I now think I should have taken him with me anyway. It all happened within 2 mins or so.

I don't think we'll be getting another bunny until the kids are older because we couldn't bear this happening again. He was a truly sweet and friendly bunny. Times like this I wish I were religious so I could have some form of comfort. Thanks all for reading.
I'm sorry to hear about this. It sounds quite a bit like it's little heart gave out. Rabbits get terrified very easily. My last rabbit had a nightmare, and died from a heart attack from just that. They are very fragile creatures for the most part. I don't think your kids are ready for another pet unfortunately. I'm guessing your children are quite young. Perhaps when they are teenagers they can get another pet. It sounds like a bad situation all around.

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