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Default wounded rabbit questions

Hi everyone,
I have two semi tame bunnies. They are sisters who have lived with one another since birth. They are very bonded. About a month ago we found a weird injury on one of them. She had this horseshoe shaped scratch on her back. It wasn't very deep and so I wasn't too concerned.
These bunnies are not very tame. They will let me pet them a wee bit, but they will not tolerate being picked up, and it's been super hard to get a look at the injury. Again, it was quite mild, so I wasn't worried about it, figured she would be all healed up a couple of weeks ago, but wasn't able to really see it till just now. What I found is that it's not healing (looks the same as when I first found it), and I also discovered a worse injury near it. Still nothing to rush to a vet over, but now I'm concerned.
I've never seen these girls fight, not even a little bit. I did see the injured bunny's sister lick her injury shortly after we had discovered it, so I'm thinking that sister is over caring and preventing it from healing with too much licking maybe? But now with this second injury I'm flummoxed. Both injuries are on her back, about 2/3 of the way back from the neck, toward her tail. I've never seen her worry them herself, just her sister.
I'm going to separate the girls for a week or two in hopes that this will let the injuries heal. They will be very sad I think, but I don't know what else to do.
I have a nice safe healing salve that I will try to put on her as well.
I'm super open to any input folks might have.
I've had these girls for about a year, but I still feel quite new to rabbit care.

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As long as it's not infected and not causing pain or open wounded, then it should be fine for now. Try putting a rabbit safe disinfectant or something on it. She may have a permanent scar. My friend has a bunny who has half a nose because it got bitten off in a fight with another rabbit. I have a bunny who has part of his ear torn. There is pictures of his torn ear on his bunny thing, Pretty Boi, just in case you wanted to see. His injury wasn't worrying and is healed, but he has a scar. Neither is my friends bunny. The don't heal very quickly though. Again, just try to keep it clean and put something rabbit safe on it.
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