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Default How to accustom your bun to a vacuum

Are there good techniques for this, other than offering him treats whenever you vacuum to develop positive reinforcement?

The first time I vacuumed, Moby bolted and flung himself into the side of my mattress, like he was running in blind panic. It was bizarre and made me feel terrible.

But I allow him free range in my room, which I have bunny proofed, so I will have to vacuum somewhat frequently.

Whats the best way to help his fear of it?

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Blue eyes
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I found they can get used to the vacuum pretty quickly. The trick is to not turn the vacuum on near them. Turn it on outside your room and work your way in. That way it starts as a further away, non-threatening noise and just gradually gets closer.

Be sure bunny has a hide-away spot (the cage perhaps?) to hunker down in during the noise.

One of my rabbits had no fear and would attack the vacuum if it got too close.

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Nancy McClelland
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Eventually they get used to it. Our avatar, Nikki, would climb all over the shop vac, a big one, and even try to stick her nose in the intake which was as big as her--none of mine are bothered by it now. I used to start out in the hall, but now, I can start it up in the bunny room.
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My rabbits have also gotten used to it. One even nipped the cord a couple times. They think they’re so tough... I just do my thing and shoo them away.
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I have 5 rabbits that were brought home at different times. I have one room where all of the rabbits live, all but two separately. To get them used to the vacuum I would start at the furthest end of the house from them and vacuum toward their room. For the first couplke of days I did not vacuum in their room.

Seems to have worked. I even use the shop vac hose to vacuum out their cages every day. I have even accidently tried vacuuming up cheeks and dew laps. All but one of my buns will approach while I'm vacuuming. The one that doesn't get spooked but doesn't like to be touched with it. Too bad as she's the one that sheds/molts almost all year long. lol
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I agree, try to start the vacuum up away from them. Another trick with this or any new thing that makes noise, is to try to put yourself in between the vacuum or noisy thing, and the bun/buns. This way they feel like you are protecting them from "it", or that is the sense I have.

Last night I used the coffee grinder - which I usually precede with a verbal warning (not that they understand, but at least it's my voice followed by the noise) but last night I forgot, and they bolted like crazy into different corners. Whoops!

No issues with vacuum noises for us, thankfully!

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