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Default Bunny won't leave his new hutch

My Holland lop, Oliver will not leave his new cage. He got it on Saturday evening and has barely come out since and its now Monday. All he does is sleep in his bed and eat his hay. He hasn't even eaten his dinner tonight. Should I be worried or does he just really like his new hutch??

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Blue eyes
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It can certainly take a few days (or longer) to get adjusted to a new cage/hutch. Do you have a photo? Is this indoors or out? How old is Oliver? How long have you had him? Is this hutch in the same location as his prior one?

Eating hay is, of course, very good. But what do you mean about his dinner? What is his dinner? Is this the first time he's skipped? Stress can cause GI issues. You'll want to be sure he's not refusing any other foods. Are his poos normal?

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Oliver's new hutch is indoors and in the same place as his old one, I've had him just over a year, and hes almost 1.5 years old.

Actually as soon as I posted this thread he came out and ate it, he eats pellets for dinner. He just seems so lazy and uninterested in me, he usually loves following me around and loves pets and kisses. He just seems a bit off to me, maybe i should just give it a couple days...
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Nancy McClelland
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Some of ours don't take to changes very well. Nikki, our avatar would trash her hutch everyday after we moved here from Ca. It took her 2 months to finally settle in. She was a world class sleeper, so we can't factor that in. Time and patience.
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Rabbits hate change. Most of them hate new places, new people, new things and some of them will hate you moving anything they know. They strive in routine and generally don't seem appreciative even when we improve their living conditions. As long as your rabbit just appears unsettled I would let him be and get used to his new place as long as he is eating like normal and that his poop looks normal too. If the poop gets smaller or fewer or that you notice him not eating certain things it will be time to act to avoid GI stasis.
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Its taking time for "Cookie" our rescue bun to get use to change she went from very horrible conditions she was use to for a few yrs to a super clean and better cage and then now to a much bigger better cage shes taking a slow time adjusting as well but we keep her pellets and hay right in her litter box in the corner so she learns to potty in there insted of all over the place like she was use to doing. Shes learning but at a slow pace. Shes also a very shy bun due to lack of human contact.
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He’s doing a lot better, sleeping outside of his hutch occasionally. However he seems really skidish now, if it’s just him and I at home he’s fine, but as soon as my boyfriend gets home he hides in his hutch and barely comes out. It’s so odd.
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Sometimes they do take time to adjust. Because the hutch is new to him he may not feel it is the safe place to run to that his old one felt and maybe that is why he is more skittish. Also if it is not the same setup as the old hutch it may be upsetting to him such as another floor or the layout of the hutch being different from the old

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