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Okay so I have a netherland dwarf named Norbert as most of you might remember. Well he started to get cage territorial and very agressive. So I did my research and getting him fixed was supposed help. Well I got him fixed and now he seems worse. I just talked to the breeder and she said once they display the agreesion it is too late, but I can try a treat reward method and hopefully get him to come around. My biggest problem is when I get him out of the cage he seems fine and he lets me pet him and seems to enjoy cuddles then yesterday out of no where he was sitting on my lap and he jumped and barked at me and tried to attack my hand.

This is my daughters rabbit and she is terrified of him and I have to say I don't really blame her!! lol He is like a satan rabbit...I am thinking maybe and exorcisim is in order!! lol

Can any of you help with this rabbit or is it a lost cause?

Thank you


Shannon and the Kritter Krew!
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Rabbits are so adept at training us and keeping us in line

Don't let the little bugger intimidate you with his aggressive behavior. Place a towel over him to pick him up and remove him from the cage.

He needs to get clued in on the fact that you are the alpha in your house. If he attempts to bite you,pickhim firmly and say "NO!".

Frequent handling and a complete daily physical examination (including turning him over, checking toenails, etc.) can also help to show him that you are in control of him.

You may also need to accept the fact that he may not be suitable as a child's pet due to his unpredictable behavior.



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Sounds like Pam hit the nail on the head with her advice...maybe a little "tough love" is in order here. We do these exact same things on some of our "bossy" buns.

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