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Default Whats good fur my bunny

I'll quickly state. this is my very first bunny.. I posted an introduction thread to explain. and now I will flood the forum with my newbie questions
I don't know what bedding I should use or what toys are safe!

right now I am using kaytee clean and cozy "paper" bedding and he seems to be fine with it, he sifts through the bedding to find and eat his hay and pellets. I'm pretty sure he thinks his food taste better if he sprawls it out and makes a big mess in the bedding but, I read that it is bad if they eat the bedding because it might have plastic! but, all bedding is bad if it gets eaten right? so should not be using bedding?

and basically the same concern for toys

the labels and reviews for "bunny toys" say don't let the bunny chew it or eat it... but he chews everything! so what is safe for him? ideally I would love to learn of something that I can give him when he is in his cage to keep him entertained when I am not around that he can chew up safely. I gave him some sort of stick ball that I bought at the pet store and he loved it! he was pushing it all around and picking it up and hopping with it but, he also chewed a huge hole in it.. personally I think its adorable- but is it safe?

I apologize if my questions seem silly or obvious. I have been reading websites, I am just looking for honest, experienced and direct answers to my questions.

Thank you...

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Default Whats good fur my bunny

I use fleece as bedding and love it because you can clean it and shake it out I've never used paper bedding so I can not give a helpful comment about it,also as for toys you can use many different toys for bunnies Iris loves toilet paper tubes or paper towel tubes but you can also use cardboard as it is great for bunnies to chew on also pet stores have many toys which are great for rabbits to chew on and play with, go to a petstore and ask an employee who works there about rabbit toys and they should be able to point you to the small pets aisle, I have also found that many dollar stores have fun toys for rabbits I get cat balls from there for Iris to play with and its one of her fav toys and I have also got a tunnel from there for Iris to run through and hide, there are many websites that can help you in finding ways to make toys for your fuzzy friends.

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1. Figure out which corner he has been peeing in. Get a litter pan and fill it with the icky peed on bedding. Clean the entire cage with bleach or Vinegar (Yes both are safe) let dry and re-set up the cage the same way and put the litter pan in the original corner he had been peeing in.
Replace the bedding in the bottom of the cage with fleece or towels or foam mats. Keep in mind some rabbits will chew these items. My rabbits have ceramic tile that is textured in the bottom of their cage because they chew on towels/blankets.
Most people here do not use any type of "litter" or paper bedding on the bottom of the cage as it is messy and can make litter training harder.

2. Toys can be anything. Those kabob toys from the store are nice when you spear their veggies to them. I prefer cat toys or baby rattles. Or recycled toys like toilet paper tubes with a few pellets inside that have the ends closed. Twigs from safe and not sprayed trees like Apple or Lilac.

There are plenty of resources in the Rabbit Library on this forum.
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I have a litter box with wood pellets (pellets, not shavings!) in it and nothing at all on the rest of the cage - I think it's cleaner (you just have to put vinegar and rince, whereas with a blanket of sort you'll have to put it on the washing machine and such, the hair will to cling to it and one of my rabbits tend not to clean his paws well so just ugh...). My rabbits have a blanket (they love it), but it's outside of the cage. Then again, my rabbits have their own room and their cage stays open.

For toys, I agree that it's unecessary to buy petshop toys. Most rabbits don't have any interest in them at all. In my experience, there are three things that all rabbits love : cardboard boxes with little doors (one on each side, rabbits like to have emergency exits and plenty of them ^^), which act like 'burrows' - they will dig on the bottom which help to exercise them and wear the nails, they also like to stay inside and to come in - come out really fast ; tree branches like apple tree or hazelnut tree - they will eat the small branches and peel the bark and it will keep them occupied for hours ; cisal mats - they will destroy them. Some rabbits like toilet paper rolls, filled with hay or dried apple or pellets (my current two don't, but my previous rabbit liked them).

my rabbits have a puzzle, like for dogs - they have to push wooden pieces in a little 'maze' to discover treats. Aki likes it, but she's an unusually bright rabbit - her husbunny just wait until she solves it to try to steal her treats ^^. I also had a 'treat ball' like for cats. One of my rabbits really liked it and you could see him running all over the place with the ball to get the treats (he was really food motivated XD)
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I second the wood pellets. Or yesterday's news, the cat litter that is paper pellets and scent free.
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I use yesterdays news and it's great
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In terms of litter- basically just repeat what everyone else has said! We use yesterday's news for our litterboxes and memory foam kennel pads as the base of the cage (our female is prone to pododermatitis, so most rabbits don't actually NEED memory foam).

For toys, we have 3-4 puzzle food toys for cats/ some I made myself in which we hide their breakfast (they have hay all the time of course, but they get pellets once/day). Another thing we REALLY like to use are toilet paper and paper towel cardboard tubes. If you fold the ends over and hide food inside them, the rabbits have to chew them open to get to the food, and that at least keeps them busy. We stuff ours with a 'special' kind of hay (they get mostly Timothy, but Orchard or Oat as a treat) and then put a few pellets or a treat in the middle. Keeps them busy for a while since they can be hard to grab and chew open!

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