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Cute. Make sure he has lots of hay to eat and keep that gut moving.

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Blue eyes
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Each time he moves to a new location, he'll likely get stressed all over again. Might be easiest to choose one location for him, put him there and let him adjust.

If having three bonded buns again is your goal, wouldn't it have been easier to get a trio that is already bonded and fixed? Rabbit rescues routinely have already bonded/fixed pairs and trios. Since you already have him, maybe an idea would be to have him meet some bonded pairs from a rescue after he's fixed (well, 8 weeks after he's fixed to allow hormones to dissipate).

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I meant having him free in the house is my goal. I can't do vet bills and other things for more than one bun. At least not now. The problem with putting him where he will end up his that the dogs and kids will bother him and stress him. I've had the door open today and he's been lounging and eating so I think after a week I'll put him out in the mix. I just don't want him to be too scared. My dogs aren't aggressive and have been around small animals but one can be obnoxious and overbearing at first.
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It sounds like he's getting more comfortable fast! And he's super cute! As you introduce him, just make sure he can 'get away' into his cage whenever he wants (as I'm sure you know). And, of course, make sure he's always eating. He's a cutie!
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I just realized I have pictures of both his parents. I know it's hard to guess the breed based on pics but thought I'd try. I agree with the California mix guess.
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Originally Posted by jelandusn View Post
Don't worry. The small cage and bathroom are temporary. I used to have 3 bonded rabbits that had free run of the house. I'm working towards that. The bathroom is just to keep him separate from the crazy houshold until he's eating well. It isn't all that humid in this bathroom because there's no shower. I also have the light and exhaust fan on and I opened the door when we went up for bed. He's only at the most 2 months old so not neutered yet. I plan to move him to a much larger cage inside an ex pen. He'll be neutered once he's a little older and settled in more.
OK, I hadn't seen mentions of the housing being temporary. I must have missed it, sorry ^^.
Then it's fine. A rabbit can do great on his own if he has a lot of interactions, so if your goal is to give him free access of the house he shouldn't be bored. If you used to do that, I guess your house is rabbit-proofed already. You're lucky if your dog can cohabite peacefully with the rabbit - mine is 2 y o, but he just get sooo excited whenever he sees a cat or a rabbit, and there is nothing you can do (he's a primitive, so big prey drive and such... he plays nice when I'm just behind him, but I don't trust him as far as I can throw him to behave if I turn my back, so no playing with rabbits for him and I have a baby gate in front of the 'rabbits' appartments' most of the time ^^')
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Sorry for all the pics but just wanted to say that he is settling in nicely! He did so we'll yesterday with having the bathroom door open so I opened his cage door. It took him some time but he came out! He seemed to like my daughter and followed her around for a bit.

Ps. I don't trust my dogs alone with him! He'll be in his area and they'll be in their area when I'm not home.

Not sure why the pics end up sideways.
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aww the pics are so cute!
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looks to be a cali cross. Be a big rabbit when mature.

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