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Default Completely inactive during the day

I've been home the last week. I wake up, let my bunny out of her x-pen and she stays out until I go bed. I've been studying, so it's just me and her all day, so I am always observing her behavior...

During the day, she is completely inactive. Like loafs all day long in the same spot. Gets up, yawns, stretches, eats drinks poops and then loafs. At first I thought she was depressed, bored, needs a bun friend. Then I've been staying up late and watching her behavior completely change. As soon as it's like midnight it's like a switch goes off. She's doing sprints from corner to corner. She runs and kicks her legs, binkies, flops. It's really weird.

Today she has been sitting in the same place loafing for like 5hrs straight.

Is this normal? I feel like she doesn't get enough exercise bc when I go to bed I have to put her back in her pen at her peak energy level.

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My rabbit, Mocha, is the same way. His cage door is open first thing in the morning. Once in awhile he'll come out briefly in the morning, but usually he stays in his cage until anywhere from 10pm-12pm. He comes out and begs for his nightly treats, teases the dogs, and binkies about.

I have found myself staying awake sometimes after hubby has gone to bed because Mocha has finally decided to come out and move about. Lol. So I hear you about feeling guilty if I put him to bed too soon.

He is the only rabbit I've had that has been like this though! (out of over a dozen)

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Haha that's so funny! I've been staying up late, and sleeping on the couch a bit so I can watch her because she is SO cute when she has so much energy and runs like a crazy bunny. I also feel so guilty not letting her have that time bc she is obviously so happy. My husband is like... are you mad at me? Lol no babe I just really like our rabbit lol
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Naturally, rabbits are crepuscular. Meaning they are most active around sunrise and sunset (ish). They sleep heavily during the middle of the day and the middle of the night unless they adjust to their humans' schedules.

Our rabbits are like us- early to rise! They love being let out at 4:30 or 5:00 am every day- but they are usually caged by 11pm every night (and of course demanding their bed time greens by 10 pm sharp!).
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Yeah it's normal. It also tends to be worse during winter. In the wild, rabbits are almost hibernating during the coldest months of the year because there is barely anything to eat (they generally eat some tree bark and mushrooms) and also because it's really cold outside of their warren. In the summer, my rabbits are more active during the day (except when it's really hot) but I'd say between november and march I barely see them between 11 am and 6 pm - they go in their favorite cardboard box to sleep and only take a peek outside of it when I move things around.

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