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Default Supplies..... Help me!!

Supplies.... Can you list all the supplies i need for A rabbit?

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depends on how you are keeping the rabbit.

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Default Supplies..... Help me!!

-Cage/hutch/NIC grids/X pen
-food (Oxbow is one of the more well known brands)
-litter box
-water bottle/bowl
-fresh vegetables

This is pretty much a list of the basics. I may be forgetting things though ☺️
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I would first find out if you want your bunny inside or outside. The list are going to be different.
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My suggestions:

A big cage for the size of your rabbit as an adult or hutch with a run (if kept outside). Although some people just set up an X-pen.

A water bowl. One that is either heavy enough to not be tipped over by the bun such as a ceramic dog bowl or one that attaches to the side of a cage.

A dish for pellets.

A couple of litter boxes big enough for your bun as an adult to completely fit into. Can be a cat litter box or even a plastic storage box. If it has high sides one side can be cut low enough for the bun to easily hop into.

Litter for the litter boxes.

Hay and lots of it. imothy hay is a good option but others can be fed as well.

Pellets and ones without pieces of corn or other colored bits in it.

Toys: empty toilet paper and paper towel tubes. Some can be stuffed with hay. Cat balls or whiffle balls, plastic slinky. Cardboard boxes (you may need to remove tape if your bunny is a chewer), pieces of cardboard. Toys made of bun safe wood. Telephone book with the cover removed. A dig box.

That is just the bare basics.
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Thanks!!! The rabbit will be in my room!
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Also, need the age. Younger bunnies should be given alfalfa til six months and no veggies til 4 months. The book, "Rabbits for Dummies" is a great resource as well as the library here--this isn't the first posting asking these questions. If yours is the avatar it does look very young as well as cute.

Sometimes I feel like I'm running a fertilizer factory.
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